Eros Ramazzotti 'Antes De Ti' music video

Antes De Ti (2013)

Eros Ramazzotti

Phora 'As Time Goes By' music video

As Time Goes By (2013)


Director: Phora

Yoko Ono 'Bad Dancer' music video

Bad Dancer (2013)

Yoko Ono

Director: Ben Dickinson

Juliette Commagere 'Big Star' music video

Big Star (2013)

Juliette Commagere

Ashleigh Ashton 'Break In Two' music video

Break In Two (2013)

Ashleigh Ashton

Director: Brian Morgan

Orla Gartland 'Clueless' music video

Clueless (2013)

Orla Gartland

Jack Topht 'Coffee Shop In The Hospital Lobby' music video

Coffee Shop In The Hospital Lobby (2013)

Jack Topht

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti 'Come mi guardi tu' music video

Come mi guardi tu (Version 1) (2013)

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti

Director: Michele Bernardi

Exotica 'Control Freak' music video

Control Freak (2013)


Director: Barrère&Simon

The Flight 'Dark Corners' music video

Dark Corners (2013)

The Flight

Director: Kevin Weir

Califone 'Frosted Tips' music video

Frosted Tips (2013)


Director: Jared Varava

Lil Chuckee 'Fuck With Me' music video

Fuck With Me (2013)

Lil Chuckee

Jackson and His Computerband 'G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)' music video

G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up) (2013)

Jackson and His Computerband

Director: Mrzyk & Moriceau

Tommy Too 'Get It Good' music video

Get It Good (2013)

Tommy Too

Taylor Colson 'Heart Candy' music video

Heart Candy (2013)

Taylor Colson

Strangeheart 'How To Feel Right' music video

How To Feel Right (2013)


The Lunar Pilots 'Hurry Up And Live' music video

Hurry Up And Live (2013)

The Lunar Pilots

Cuushe 'I Love You' music video

I Love You (2013)


Director: Twigs & Yarn

Juliette Commagere 'Impact' music video

Impact (2013)

Juliette Commagere

Festival Girlfriend 'Infatuation' music video

Infatuation (2013)

Festival Girlfriend

Arlissa 'Into The Light' music video

Into The Light (2013)


Eros Ramazzotti 'Io Prima Di Te' music video

Io Prima Di Te (2013)

Eros Ramazzotti

Director: Robert Hales

Tricky 'Is That Your Life' music video

Is That Your Life (2013)


Director: Tricky, Len Trusty

Woods 'It Ain't Easy' music video

It Ain't Easy (2013)


Director: Adarsha Benjamin

Les Bruits 'Le Faux' music video

Le Faux (2013)

Les Bruits

Director: Alessandro Rota

Chvrches 'Lies' music video

Lies (2013)


Rick Ross 'No Games' music video

No Games (2013)

Rick Ross

Director: Colin Tilley

Lucero 'No Pudiste Amar Así' music video

No Pudiste Amar Así (2013)


Rosie Lowe 'Right Thing' music video

Right Thing (2013)

Rosie Lowe

Director: Kieren Gallear

Yonas 'Roller Coaster' music video

Roller Coaster (2013)


Director: Nat Prinzi

Bella Novela 'The Archeress' music video

The Archeress (2013)

Bella Novela

VanVelzen 'The Blessed Days' music video

The Blessed Days (2013)


Brasstronaut 'The Grove' music video

The Grove (2013)


Director: Salazar

White Sea 'They Don't Know' music video

They Don't Know (2013)

White Sea

Director: Steven Johnson

Ásgeir 'Torrent' music video

Torrent (2013)


Director: Jónatan Grétarsson

Jason Derulo 'Trumpets' music video

Trumpets (Version 1) (2013)

Jason Derulo

Director: Jason Derulo, Colin Tilley

Anitta 'Zen' music video

Zen (2013)


Director: Thiago Calviño