Jason Rosell '#Sexercise' music video

#Sexercise (2014)

Jason Rosell

Director: Phlex, Jason Rosell

Fever Dreamer 'A Month of Sunshine' music video

A Month of Sunshine (2014)

Fever Dreamer

Director: Frankie Nasso

Beatriz 'B.A.D (Beautiful And Dangerous)' music video

B.A.D (Beautiful And Dangerous) (2014)


Anoraak 'Behind Your Shades' music video

Behind Your Shades (2014)


Director: O.S.A.K.A.H

Kae Sun 'Blackstar Rising' music video

Blackstar Rising (2014)

Kae Sun

The Last Gatsby 'Coffin' music video

Coffin (2014)

The Last Gatsby

Director: Adam Judd

Jerome LOL 'Deleted' music video

Deleted (2014)

Jerome LOL

King avriel 'Freedom' music video

Freedom (2014)

King avriel

Director: Napo, Christian Payment, Andrew Alvarez

Mystery Skulls 'Ghost' music video

Ghost (2014)

Mystery Skulls

Director: Josh Thomas

Ingrid Michaelson 'Girls Chase Boys' music video

Girls Chase Boys (2014)

Ingrid Michaelson

Director: Andrew Elvis Miller

Saintseneca 'Happy Alone' music video

Happy Alone (2014)


Director: Christopher Good

Jessica Lisette 'Hoy Yo Te Vi' music video

Hoy Yo Te Vi (2014)

Jessica Lisette

Jessica Lisette 'I Saw You Today' music video

I Saw You Today (2014)

Jessica Lisette

PLASTIC 'I Want U' music video

I Want U (2014)


Director: Dawid Krepski

Aimee Mann 'I'm Cured' music video

I'm Cured (2014)

Aimee Mann

Director: Alan Tanner

The Yearning 'If You Were My Boyfriend' music video

If You Were My Boyfriend (2014)

The Yearning

Director: Chris Croft

Honey 'Insomnia' music video

Insomnia (2014)


Royal Forest 'Keeping Time' music video

Keeping Time (2014)

Royal Forest

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains 'La Ve?rite?' music video

La Ve?rite? (2014)

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains

Halestorm 'Mz. Hyde' music video

Mz. Hyde (2014)


Director: Daniel E. Catullo III

Magazeen 'No Comparison' music video

No Comparison (2014)


Rich Homie Quan 'Party' music video

Party (2014)

Rich Homie Quan

Tomas Barfod 'Pulsing' music video

Pulsing (2014)

Tomas Barfod

Director: Cherise Payne

Years & Years 'Real' music video

Real (2014)

Years & Years

Director: Robert Francis Muller

The Concepts 'Rising Sun/Eclipse' music video

Rising Sun/Eclipse (2014)

The Concepts

Director: Tyler Graim

T. Cartel 'So Fly' music video

So Fly (2014)

T. Cartel

Carnage The Executioner 'Soul Snatcher' music video

Soul Snatcher (2014)

Carnage The Executioner

Director: Gabriel Coleman

R.A. The Rugged Man 'Still Get Through The Day' music video

Still Get Through The Day (2014)

R.A. The Rugged Man

Director: Douglas Quill

Tree 'Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole' music video

Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole (2014)


Director: Steve Dabal, Oliver Nickell

Jason Derulo 'Stupid Love' music video

Stupid Love (2014)

Jason Derulo

Director: Gil Green

Dr Glam 'Teddy' music video

Teddy (2014)

Dr Glam

Travesura 'Tenor' music video

Tenor (2014)


Andy Winter 'Uncountably Infinite' music video

Uncountably Infinite (2014)

Andy Winter

Michael Hardman 'Unlike me' music video

Unlike me (2014)

Michael Hardman

IKILLYA 'Vae Victis' music video

Vae Victis (2014)


Tyga 'Young Kobe' music video

Young Kobe (2014)