Sneak Peek of Spectacle: The Music Video in NYC

Posted by Doug Klinger on April 2, 2013 in Event Coverage

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Spectacle The Music Video

Spectacle: The Music Video, the first museum exhibition dedicated to music videos, opens tomorrow at Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York. Jonathan and Meg Wells of Flux curate the exhibit, and its goal is to “explore the art, history, future, and influence of the art form.”

We were able to check out Spectacle earlier today and can report that it is awesome and absolutely something you should check out if you’re in New York.  Enjoy a sneak peak (courtesy of our Vine account) at just a few of the amazing features Spectacle has to offer, and look out for more Spectacle coverage later in the week.

Information about Spectacle: The Music Video

The Epic section of the exhibit, which focus on cinematic music videos

The Art House section focus on videos that use animation, found images, graphics, and typography

The Body Language section focuses on videos that highlight dancing and choreography

The Remix section focuses on music videos that remake or repurpose a previous work

The Smoke And Mirrors section highlights music videos that feature amazing special effects 

An up-close look at the A-HaTake On Me” (directed by Steve Barron) feature of the Smoke And Mirrors section

The Agent Provocateur section highlights videos that address racism, sexism, sexual orientation, poverty, alienation, and suicide

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