August 2012

Introducing In-Production Videos

Posted by Adam Fairholm on August 28, 2012 in Site News

If you've had an eye on our site, you may have noticed a lot of little changes happening over the last week or so. One of these is a feature we're excited about: listing in-production videos. A FilmedInsert music video page is designed to be a listing of everything we… Read More

Who is Rihanna Having Sex With?

Posted by Doug Klinger on August 28, 2012 in Lists

Wow, music videos can be sexy, can’t they? I mean, think about it. There is some sexy, sexy stuff in music videos. Some music videos go as a far as to contain nudity, but even the ones that don’t will explore the world of sexy from time to time. Not… Read More

After several emails and fan requests, we’ve decided to actually follow through with posting the second edition of this blog series because, let’s face it: hip-hop YouTube comments aren’t getting any less complex. This month, we take on the issue of bitches, Nicki Minaj, and self-promotion.   Comment found on 2… Read More

Summer time is my favorite time of the year. Not because school is out, but because OMG! Cameras Everywhere! is in. OMG is a free summer camp put on by professional (read: awesome) music video directors in LA for kids ages 7-15, and this year I got to go! (Not as a… Read More

Spectacle: The Music Video

Posted by Doug Klinger on August 23, 2012 in Event Coverage

Two weeks ago, while in LA, I had the chance to attend the latest installment of the Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum. While there, I sat down with Flux founder Jonathan Wells and asked him some questions about some of the things Flux is doing in the music video… Read More

Our 50th Podcast Anniversary

Posted by Adam Fairholm on August 7, 2012 in Site News

Today we released our 50th Music Video Land podcast! We started the podcast all the way back in February 2011, shortly after FilmedInsert was released, and since then we've released over 50 hours of interviews, news, and picks of the week. Looking back at our list of guests over the… Read More

  When we started FilmedInsert in late 2010, it was a pretty simple side project that mainly set up for fun. Fast forward almost two years, and a lot has happened. FilmedInsert has gotten much more complex and much more compelling as a concept for a website. But, in the… Read More

The epic conclusion of our two part series! See what happens below! Thanks again to all the peeps who helped! Part 2 includes: Robby Starbuck Leach McKissock Isaac Ravishankara Matt Wells Michael Q. Schmidt Dugan O'Neal Ryan McNeill Read More

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