October 2012

In his music video for “Backlines” by Stars, Hank Friedmann takes the already difficult task of directing a music video and makes it roughly a billion times harder on himself. In addition to writing, editing, and directing this video, Hank also took on the task of building an antique mechanical… Read More

When Grant Singer directed the video for Sky Ferreira's previous single, "Everything is Embarassing", he put a basic premise to work: Sky Ferreira can hold our attention throughout a music video just by looking us in the eye. In "Sad Dream", released today, Singer works off that same premise but… Read More

Recording a good cover of a song from the 80's or early 90's is almost a sure-fire win for a band. They get to introduce themselves to a wider audience, as well as to pay homage to an old school jam. If the artist is Marilyn Manson, the song might change significantly.… Read More

In the new video for "Girl" by Das Racist, Fahim Anwar plays Lance Cantstopolis, a denim rocking, grooving dancing badass with a crush on a pretty girl. The only thing stronger than his roundhouse kick, is his game. Despite all that he has going for him, we find that in the… Read More

We’ve all been bullied. No matter who you are, there was a time in your childhood when you encountered a shitty kid, and that shitty kid was mean to you. As an adult, your days of being bullied are likely over, but it’s hard not to wish you could go… Read More

One of the most technically complicated videos made at the 2012 OMG Everywhere summer camp finally came out today. This is the perfect opportunity for me to remind everyone that you can donate to OMG all year long, you don’t have to wait until next summer to support the cause. … Read More

“In a Big City” is the first single from the new Titus Andronicus album "Local Business." For the video, director Isaac Ravishankara creates a world where time appears to move around a beardless Patrick Stickles as he walks through New Jersey. We talked to Isaac to find out what inspired this concept, and how they… Read More

Last week, director and RSM founder Robby Starbuck published an article called "The Problem with Music Videos." In it, he talks about how artists these days will often take over a music video, which can discourage the director and lead to an inferior product. While he maintains that most of the artists he’s worked… Read More

Tom Banks is a prolific cinematographer who has worked with a variety of three-named directors, such as Carlos Lopez Estrada, Hannah Lux Davis, Chris Marrs Piliero, and Eli Gunn-Jones (he has also worked with several two-named directors). Tom has an awesome blog where he talks about a variety of cool things pertaining to his work, and this week, he… Read More

Both Fun and Anthony Mandler are kind of having banner years. For Fun, Some Nights was released in February and you know the rest. For Mandler, he's been releasing some of 2012's best work, including "National Anthem" for Lana del Rey and "As Long as You Love Me" by Justin Bieber.… Read More

Back in May of this year, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Los Angeles hosted “Rebel,” an exhibit produced by by James Franco and inspired by the motorcycle culture that James Dean was a part of during the making of Rebel Without a Cause. It focused on a variety of cultural elements, including teenage… Read More

Sure, the President of the United State of America, the most powerful man in the world, has done a Reddit AMA, but that's old news. Today, KPop star and American obsession Psy did a Reddit AMA, and we got very excited. We didn't get a ton of information, but we… Read More

Danny Brown, who is no stranger to sweet music videos, dropped the sweet music video for “WitIt” today, directed by Bijoux Altamirano. This video is full of retro-clipart and animated GIFs, which is a characteristic of the art by Bijoux Altamirano, and is also full of strippers and ass, which is… Read More

There's a line in Taylor Swift's new song "Begin Again" that goes: On a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again. And where's the cafe capital of the world? Paris, of course - and that's where we find Taylor Swift for her new music video for "Begin Again",… Read More

El-P knows what it takes to promote an album. As a hip-hop producer, artist, and co-founder of the record label Definitive Jux, El-P has experience in every step of the creation, release, and marketing of an album. For his latest release, Cancer For Cure, El reached out to director and… Read More

Paul Banks (formerly releasing under the moniker Julian Plenti) of Interpol, wants to be young again. In his new video for "Young Again", directed by Sophia Peer, he gets to be just that, getting to relive the magic of elementary school as an adult. Some things suck about being obstensibly young… Read More

Back in 2006, Kevin Slack directed his first music video for The Gaslight Anthem. This wasn’t only his first music video for the band, but his first music video ever. As Kevin’s career grew, he continued directing music videos for Gaslight. “Here Comes My Man,” which stars Elisha Cuthbert (Old… Read More

When we interviewed director Matt Amato a few weeks ago on the IMVDb Music Video Land podcast, he had this to say about shooting out in the real world: If I'm just going out in the world and doing something myself, I want to keep things very open, because I… Read More

Kailey Swanson sings covers of popular songs on YouTube, and just released her first music video a few days ago for her first single, "Hooked". If you are wary of clicking "play" based on that information, I'm here to tell you that Swanson and director Jared Sagal have hit on… Read More

Everyone loves Psy these days, right? He’s totally still relevant and at the height of his popularity. Still plenty of minutes left in his 15. And because of that, you guys all care so much when he shows up places, especally new music videos! And double bonus if it’s another… Read More

Photo by Alyssa Shakur. Brooke Candy first caught our attention a few months ago when she appeared in the music video for “Genesis” by Grimes. At that point, she was a pink-haired, sword-wielding mystery to us, but that all changed last week. On Tuesday, Brooke’s video for “Das Me” hit the internet… Read More

Anyone who has seen our promotional video “FilmedInsert Takes LA” knows that director Dugan O’Neal is an amazing and hilarious actor (and also knows that the name of this website used to be FilmedInsert). Dugan has been featured in several music videos, including “Good Man” by Raphael Saadiq and “St.… Read More

The director of photography is often an unsung hero of the music videos process. While it can be argued that pretty much anyone who isn’t Rihanna is an unsung hero of the music video process, no position is so vital to the success of a music video, but so often… Read More

The campaign for the next president of the United States of America is in the home stretch, and campaigns are a great time for America's crazy people to show their love for a candidate. Sure, they could just talk into your laptop's camera and speak their mind, but the smart… Read More

We took a month off to give Hip-Hop YouTube comments a chance to work out some of their complexities. They were unable to, and so here we are again. In this month’s edition, we take some time to examine truth, swag, and Hot Pockets.    Comment found on Meek Mill… Read More

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