November 2013

Music videos never take a week off, you guys. Never. Despite it being a pretty major holiday week here in the states, there were still some huge videos released this week from Eminem, Pitbull,, The Killers, Major Lazer and more, all with some pretty sweet music videos to accompany… Read More

Middle Class Rut and director Lance Drake - the team behind "Aunt Betty," one of the best and most twisted music videos of the year – is back again with "Dead Eye," a docu-narrative video shot in Alaska that is basically the opposite of "Aunt Betty." The video, which features… Read More

FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (11/23)

Posted by Adam Alexander on November 24, 2013 in Lists Contributor Post

FRINGE MUSIC FIX’s selections for the week’s most exceptional music videos include themes of warmth, sunshine, vampires, glamour shots, murder and the afterlife. I’ll also discuss some of the very exciting and innovative interactive music videos that were released this week. Jake Schreier, the man responsible for 2012’s sleeper hit… Read More

Damn y’all, music videos sure made it happen this week, didn’t they? Pop videos, indie videos, interactive videos, videos for songs that are over 40 years old, this week had it all! And honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way. At the top of the list is our girl… Read More

Today is the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and even though it happened half a century ago, people are still fascinated by it. The images of that day - and images of the Kennedys in general - have become part of American folklore. There have been many artistic takes on… Read More

This morning I thought to myself "I bet if I searched on IMVDb for Uncle Kracker videos I'd find some pretty weird stuff." And, here we are. Today on music video relapse we're watching the video for a song called "My Girlfriend" from 2009, directed by Ross Ching. The song… Read More

Have you ever wanted to meet the most badass kid of all time? Well, then you’re in luck, because I’m pretty sure we found him starring in the new Five Knives video for "The Future," directed by Lance Drake. We open on an industrialized school in Japan where the classes… Read More

Kanye West's love of premiering music videos on The Ellen Degeneres Show show is puzzling. Yes, Ellen's show is extremely popular, but it just seems like an odd venue. This week Kanye revealed his video for "Bound 2", and every moment of it was full of cringe. Especially because the… Read More

Shot in Thailand, Rihanna's "What Now" is an eerie video featuring Ri-Ri in a torn up, spooky looking room, performing some Exorcist inspired choreography. Directed by Jeff Nicholas, Darren Craig, and Jonathan Craven of The Uprising Creative, the video was shot over 24 straight hours in a makeshift soundstage built… Read More

Does anyone remember "The Mellow Show" on Saturday Night Live? It was one of SNL's numerous talk shows that are set up for people to do impressions, and this talk show featured interviews with musicians who are decidedly mellow, including Dave Matthews and John Mayer. It was hosted by Andy… Read More

FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (11/16)

Posted by Adam Alexander on November 17, 2013 in Lists Contributor Post

FRINGE MUSIC FIX’s selections for the week’s most exceptional music videos include themes of science, recovery, idiosyncratic dancing, lovestruck fangirls, self-aware biting pop commentary, and, of course, cats. So many cats. We’ll also take a moment to highlight a video that snuck past our radar late last week that’s truly… Read More

Music videos aren’t measured by weight, but if they were, you could easily say that a ton of awesome music videos were released this week. And of that ton of music videos, these 10 were the most popular 200 pounds of the week (that’s pretty gross, and now you know… Read More

As the number of pure performance videos continues to fall, it’s always a treat when a really great one, like "Modern Jesus" by Portugal. The Man, comes across our radar. Directed by Elliott Sellers, the video was shot on October 28, 2013, using the live audio track from the performance,… Read More

There's been a fair bit of talk about women in music videos lately with Katy Perry calling out pop stars who show too much skin and Lily Allen pretty much starting off her comeback with a song and video about how she is above what people think of her as… Read More

In the world of music videos, you have your narrative stuff, your high-concept stuff, your performance stuff, and so on. Then you have your videos that center around a novel visual concept and just run with it. This is really a format that came into its own in the 2000s… Read More

Atlanta rapper and auto-tune master Future, whose 2011 mixtape was entitled Astronaut Kid, takes the astronaut comparisons to a new level in his video for  "Real And True," featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson. The Rankin-directed video features Future and Mr. Hudson traveling to outer space to rescue an unconscious,… Read More

ARTPOP, Lady Gaga's third studio album, came out yesterday, and with it we are sure to get a slew of new music videos. (Lady Gaga likes making music videos a lot, and we already know that Terry Richardson is directing her next video for "Do What U Want".) Her music… Read More

Finding a hardcore rock video is pretty rare these days. With the Best Rock Video category at the MTV VMAs featuring bands like Mumford & Sons and Vampire Weekend, the definition of a rock video is much different than it used to be. That’s why we’re really glad that bands… Read More

Most insanely popular music videos don't hide the reason they are insanely popular. They are either by an insanely popular artist, or feature twerking butts, or feature any number of things people want to see. Some insanely popular music videos, for one reason or another, don't really wear the reason… Read More

FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (11/9)

Posted by Adam Alexander on November 9, 2013 in Lists Contributor Post

There are many different ways to approach music videos as a medium. Directors may opt for intricate dance choreography, flashy animation, high fashion displays, non-narrative visual accompaniment, comedic satire, controversial NSFW videos featuring explicit sexuality and violence or some may choose to tell a short story in a more cinematic… Read More

If you weren’t one of the 250 thousand people to watch the inaugural YouTube Music Awards live (or the 1.5 million to have watched it since it aired), you missed one wacky show full of improvisation, babies, and live music videos. And of those live music videos, five of them… Read More

"Gold" by Sir Sly is one of those stories that can only really be told in music video format. It features a man who wakes up outside an abandoned house and goes looking for a mysterious person inside, culminating in an ending that, according to director Ellis Bahl, should make you… Read More

One feature that we've had on IMVDb for a long time is the random video feature. You can go to or go to "Random Video" underneath the "Video" menu, and it'll take you to one of the many videos in the database. This morning I hit it and it… Read More

Back in early August, we were out in LA doing all sorts of cool LA things like eating Jack In The Box, sitting in traffic, and shooting photos on sets of music videos. One of those music videos we were lucky enough to shoot photos on (thanks to RW Media) was "Never Never" by… Read More

Most music video directors aspire to one day move on to feature films, following in the footsteps of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, David Fincher, or even Michael Bay. It turns out, however, that this is a pretty difficult transition to make. This is why we were particularly excited when we… Read More

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