October 2013

Beaming Rocket

Posted by Doug Klinger on October 31, 2013 in Sponsored

Video artist Juan, the main character in LG’s Beaming Rocket video, has been looking for ways to bring projection technology to the next level. In an effort to reach a broader audience, he’s replaced the headlights in his car with LG’s Mini Beam projectors, allowing him to display his work… Read More

British producer Naughty Boy's debut record, Hotel Cabana, is a concept album based on a luxury hotel where musicians come to perform. The latest video from the album, "Think About It" directed by Lance Drake, features rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer/songwriter Ella Eyre as said musicians. Based in the hotel itself, the… Read More

Being media savvy has long been an asset for artists. In the past, it was more about being savvy about the press and other print and video coverage. Now, of course, there is a far greater range of skills you need to manage your image, and a lot of those… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. "Promises" by Cloud Control is a dark video about a beautiful woman whose not-so-beautiful husband seems to have just been murdered, and she appears to be significantly involved in the crime. Directed by Keith Musil, the video opens on the woman looking distressed after waking… Read More

When you are watching a film or TV, there is always a small chance that Shaquille O'Neal will appear. While other sports stars settle for a failed Boca Raton, FL restaurant (I'm looking at your Wilt Chamberlin and Pete Rose), Shaq has a real estate firm, several rap albums, Google… Read More

If you guys are fans of Vine, you are probably familiar with Simon Rex, who took to the medium pretty soon after its initial release. He's recently stopped making vines it seems, but he used to make a lot of them and they almost always involved him taking him shirt… Read More

"All I Know" by Washed Out centers around two friends, Victor and Laslo, on a road trip inspired by Victor’s recent breakup. Told mainly from the perspective of Laslo’s handycam, the video tells the story of two young dudes having fun and meeting girls while exploring California. Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen… Read More

It’s happened, you guys, we did it! For the second week in a row, a novelty music video was the most popular video released. How awesome is that? Last week, it was a song about food, and this week, it’s a song about Massachusetts! That’s right, the most popular music… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. There are a few mysteries "Heart Attack", the new video from Enrique Iglesias, directed by Colin Tilley. One of them is what happened to his hand, which for most of the video is bandaged with some blood soaking through. The other is why the character… Read More

FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (10/25)

Posted by Adam Alexander on October 25, 2013 in Lists Contributor Post

I read an article today proposing a handful of reasons why today’s TV is better than movies. While I do, for the most part, agree with the idea, I won’t go into detail about that (but you can read the article here). The reason I am mentioning that article at… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. One thing music videos can do that no other medium really can is present a story fragment - something that could be part of a full narrative, but the viewer only sees a piece of. Inside of that piece can contain plot twists, plays on… Read More

After releasing a series of videos with a darker, black and white style to them, The 1975 released the Adam Powell directed "Sex" in July, a more narrative video that is also in color. Despite not really resembling a typical pop video very much, this stylistic change sparked a bit… Read More

A New Look for Credits

Posted by Adam Fairholm on October 24, 2013 in Site News

IMVDb is the music video database, so obviously one thing we need to do really well is display music video credits for people, companies, and artists on their pages. The first incarnation of our page credit display was a simple table of credits, and then we had a more complicated… Read More

Back in the very early days of IMVDb (then FilmedInsert), pretty much any music video we came across was new to the database, so we just would search for "music video" on Vimeo and YouTube and go to town. One of the first videos we happened to come across was… Read More

"Come To Me" by Goo Goo Dolls is a song about the positive moments in love that are so significant that if feels like things have started over – moments like starting a new relationship, getting married, having kids, and growing old together. The music video for the song focuses… Read More

Quick - name two of your favorite things that are much better when done painfully awkwardly. If you are like me, you probably answered "balloons dropping" and "zooming in on someone". To me, there's nothing more fun than a bunch of balloons being dropped on someone who doesn't really notice… Read More

"Free Your Mind" by Cut Copy is the story of a huge, charismatic cult leader, played by Alexander Skarsgård of HBO’s True Blood, who is loved by all but one man on the compound. Director Christopher Hill worked closely with the band on the concept for the video, which also… Read More

From around the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s, Johnny Cash and Johnny Cash's estate managed to pull off one hell of a rebranding. For those who only really know the post-American Recordings Johnny Cash, you may not be familiar with 1970s/1980s Johnny Cash, who was significantly less popular and… Read More

Music videos come in all shapes and sizes. This week, there were so many cool music videos in so many different shapes, that there is no way to list them all in this one blog post. We can however list the 10 most popular released this week, so we’re going… Read More

In the new music video for "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES" by Linkin Park x Steve Aoki, the artists at Ghost Town Media created a virtual city on a pretty epic scale - 50,000 buildings divided into 7 districts, each marked by a giant structure resembling each of the 6… Read More

FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (10/18)

Posted by Adam Alexander on October 18, 2013 in Lists Contributor Post

Thursday proved to be a game changer for FRINGE MUSIC FIX's best music videos of the week, with the top two videos both coming out that evening. Also, no honourable mentions this week, keeping it simple with the top 5 only. Livin' on the edge.  Matteo Inchingolo conceives a magnificent… Read More

I'm still coming to terms with the time that I saw Shaggy open for the Rolling Stones. He was the opening act for a portion of one of the legs of their endless tours, and sitting there in a half full arena in South Florida watching Shaggy play to an… Read More

Convincing a Japanese biker gang and giant robots to be in a music video can be pretty difficult, especially after flying into Tokyo at 6am and starting to shoot immediately, but that’s exactly what Charli XCX and director Ryan Andrews did for their latest video, "SuperLove." The colorful video has… Read More

When all is said and done, I think there will be lots to write about Paul McCartney's post-Beatles career which has seen its ups and downs over years. You could fill up a box set with all of his songs about his early days in the Beatles, and you could… Read More

Whether it's in the lyrical content or in the music videos, we've long seen the connection between gambling and music. You wouldn't be wrong to say that it all got its start with the release of Kenny Rogers' classic 1978 single, "The Gambler." Both the content of the song and… Read More

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