December 2012

One thing we always enjoy hearing about here at IMVDb is music videos where the artist and the director have a really collaborative, hands-on process. If a music video involves an entire band and director taking a day to hot glue a tiny set together using cardboard and playing cards,… Read More

The IMVDb Top 10 Music Videos of 2012

Posted by Adam Fairholm on December 28, 2012 in Lists

Any way you look at it, 2012 was a big year for music videos. We had great videos coming out on just about a daily basis, from independent productions to videos premiering on cable TV. We had a video reach 1 billion views on YouTube, and it didn't even need… Read More

Making a music video that ties into a film is hard enough, but making one without showing the song's artist, or characters from the film, or characters in general takes it to another level. Director Isaac Ravishankara tackled this problem in his director's cut for Ellie Goulding's song "Bittersweet," which… Read More

Hip-hop videos have come a long way since the days when all you got was cars, money, and butts. But, is hip-hop ready for two old white dudes eating popcorn in a sauna? That question is answered by director Spaghetto in her video for "Sauna" by Casey Veggies. We talked… Read More

The last time we talked to director Michael Lawrence, it was about his series of surreal and artistic videos for Emil & Friends, which were shot in Indonesia and are at times very autobiographical. Michael’s latest video, "I Turn On" by Slam Donahue, which features adults aggressively playing basketball with children, and later… Read More

When director Matthew Boman isn’t making crazy videos about the end of the world, he’s making crazy music videos with the likes of Brooke Candy, BLOK, and Riff Raff. His latest video, “PEPPERMiNT TiNT” by the aforementioned Riff Raff, could possibly be one of the greatest Christmas videos of the year, if… Read More

When you direct an awesome music video for Aesop Rock that features motorcycles, dancing, and ballerinas, there is bound to be a lot of stories to tell about production. Add in the fact that this one shoot actually resulted in two awesome music videos, and the stories grow even more.… Read More

It's been a few months since we launched the first tools that allow everyone to submit data to IMVDb, and in those few months we've learned a lot. We've gotten great feedback and thought a lot about the direction we want to go and what our priorities should be. In… Read More

Cinematographer Profile: Pat Scola

Posted by Doug Klinger on December 19, 2012 in Interviews

As someone who has shot for both DANIELS and BREWER, cinematographer Pat Scola knows what it’s like working with director duos. In his career as a DP, he's knocked some items off of our imaginary DP bucket list, such as working on two different videos for the same artist but… Read More

Jason Baum spent most of the past year producing music videos for awesome directors like Hiro Murai, Isaiah Seret, and Saman Keshavarz. Some of that time, however, was also spent hanging out with Zee Avi, and coming up with the concept for her “Concrete Wall” music video, which Jason both… Read More

Cinematographer Profile: Rob Witt

Posted by Doug Klinger on December 18, 2012 in Interviews

While most of the world gets to enjoy the talents of Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber from a distance, cinematographer Rob Witt gets about as close as you can get in his role as DP for directors like Colin Tilley, Chris Marrs Piliero, and Jared Leto. We talked… Read More

Photo by Zoe Rain Unless you’re from Seattle, you likely were introduced to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis this year through their awesome music videos for "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love." Despite the subject matter of these videos being completely different from one another, director Jon Jon Augstavo (in collaboration with Macklemore… Read More

When director Isaac Rentz started to assemble the cast for Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” music video, it was important to him that they feel like real people on camera. Pulling inspiration from TV shows like My So-Called Life, and even moments from Tegan and Sara’s life growing up, Isaac creates… Read More

Showing up drunk to your first meeting with an artist might not seem like the best way to start a working relationship. That is, unless you’re working with Elliphant, in which case she’ll just laugh at you and then things will ultimately end up great. As crazy as that sounds,… Read More

Whenever a music video comes out that features anyone from Odd Future, we pretty much assume that at one point or another, things on the set just broke down into chaos. We clearly have a poor perception of reality because according to Hiro Murai, director of Earl Sweatshirt’s “Chum,” it was (almost)… Read More

If my girlfriend was a pop star and I had to direct music videos for her, I would cover her in sweaters and blankets and film her from the neck up only. Luckily, director Ryan Andrews is nothing like me in this sense. When directing music videos for his girlfriend… Read More

Holy crap it's the end of Friday already! I hope Applebees has enough mozzarella sticks ready for me because on Friday I don't hold back. That's why this week's edition of This Week in Music Videos isn't going to hold back one bit. We're going full tilt. And I really… Read More

When director Abraham Vilchez-Moran booked the “Good As You” video by Eternal Summers, he knew he had to find the perfect location. Mainly, because he had already told the band that he had it (to his credit, he probably also told them he had an awesome underwater camera guy, and… Read More

When director David Lewandowski heard they would be making a live action version of the 1988 Japanese animated film Akira, he was very excited. However, after hearing about the film getting canceled, David decided to create much of what he would have seen in that film for one of his… Read More

The Grammys have a pretty large array of awards to give out (Best Surround Sound Album, anyone?) but they also have a music video category. The 55th Grammy nominees were released tonight, and here are your nominees for best short form music video: Grammy Nominations for Best Short Form Music… Read More

Director duo fourclops mix sailing performance footage with scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 to create the ‘Speak Up’ music video by the band POP ETC. Read More

When casting for the “Benny Goodman” video for his band Saint Motel, director and front-man A/J Jackson needed to find a talented, charismatic 6-year-old with the dance moves of a young Michael Jackson. We've never tried this, but it sounds hard. We talked to A/J about how he found Baby Boogaloo… Read More

Bands have been using talk show performances as a way to broaden their audiences for decades. If we had a band (which we don’t, but still), no audience would be more coveted than that of The Whip Nicken Hour, the fictional talk show created by The General Assembly for A.C. Newman’s “I’m Not… Read More

Photo by Michael Jeffe. Director Claire Marie Vogel has a very unique perspective on the music video industry. While most music video directors have a relationship with record labels in one way or anther, Claire actually works directly for Warner Bros Records. We talked to Claire to find out how that… Read More

Well, it's the last day in November, you know what that means. Mustaches and/or Thanksgiving leftovers jokes galore, and lots of great music videos. It's time for another installment of our weekly wrap up here, so let's take an uncomfortably close look at the music videos of this week. Ben… Read More

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