April 2013

The one sure sign that winter is over is the release of the first major pool-side hip-hop music video. This year, the switch from cold to hot weather is marked by the release of the music video for “Beat It” by Sean Kingston featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, directed by Colin Tilley.… Read More

It’s not every day that you find an artist and director team so committed to a project that they’d be willing to shoot for three days straight in freezing cold Long Island and sell their DSLRs to fund the project. But for the video “Wasted My Time,” I/O and the… Read More

It won’t always happen this way, but this week’s most popular video, the Andreas Nilsson directed “Play Hard” by David Guetta featuring Ne-Yo and Akon, was also one of our favorite videos of the week. But this blog post isn’t about favorites, this post is about popularity (to see our… Read More

We’re all inspired by Destiny’s Child in one way or another, it just manifests differently from each of us. For director Austin Peters and the girls from Haim, it came through in location and dance move choices in their videos for “Forever” and “Don’t Save Me.” In these videos, we… Read More

Since being first invented by visual graphics artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck in 2009, cinemagraphs have been seen all over the internet on sites like Imgur, Tumblr, and ReactionGifs.com. They even have their own subreddit, which is where we found the music video "Back To Me" by Joel Compass,… Read More

No one was more convinced that they wouldn’t win the music video competition at SXSW than Saman Kesh. Not only did he think there were better videos than his, he has won already, in 2010 for “Luv Deluxe” by Cinnamon Chasers, so in his head that was enough to keep… Read More

On Muse's Twitter Music Video Q&A

Posted by Adam Fairholm on April 22, 2013 in News

Muse released this interesting video for "Panic Station" earlier today, and as they announced the video, also announced that they were going to do a Twitter Q&A so their fans and the general public can ask questions. The result was hilarious (helped by the fact that the video is ridiculous),… Read More

This week, we introduced IMVDb Charts, a new feature that tracks all the views and social media shares of every video in our database. There are lots of fun things that we can do with that data, and one that we’re most excited about is our Top New Videos chart,… Read More

It’s rare for a director to have an underwater mermaid specialist in their back pocket, but that’s one of the luxuries that director Abraham Vilchez-Moran has in his relationship with underwater photographer Chris Crumley. Although this isn’t a feature that works in every music video, when the artist you’re working… Read More

Introducing IMVDb Charts

Posted by Adam Fairholm on April 18, 2013 in Site News

Today we're excited to introduce a new feature that we've had in the works for a while - IMVDb Charts! Billboard is taking online views into account for their charts, and iTunes publishes their top-selling music videos, but we felt like there wasn't a place for top charts dedicated to… Read More

In addition to the music video competition, you will occasionally find music videos represented in other places at SXSW. For example, director/animator Chris Ullens had two of his music videos screen at SXSW this year, with his video for "Sex" by Slugabed as part of the music video section, and… Read More

After the release of the "Alive" video by Krewella, director Bryan Schlam decided to cut together a remix version of the video, for fun, which included some previously planned visual effects by BEMO. These effects, despite being cut from the original video, ended up working out enough for Krewella’s management… Read More

Last month, we interviewed Danielle Robarge, director/producer of Sprockets Music Video Festival, which will be held on June 15 in Athens, GA. The early entry date for music video submissions has already passed, but you’ve still got a few more hours before the late entry deadline to digitally submit your… Read More

Music video ratios usually range from 16:9 to extremely wide. However, director Warren Fu took it all the way past 4:3 and used a square aspect ratio for the sexy and disorienting "Sooth My Soul" by Depeche Mode. We talked to Warren about the concept behind the video, his new technique called… Read More

Last year, both Sigur Rós and director Andrew Thomas Huang released some amazing music videos. Sigur Rós released 16 videos as part of "The Vaktaru Mystery Film Experiment," and Andrew released the visually epic "Mutual Core" by Bj?rk, a labor-intensive project that took over 5 months to create. Now, Sigur… Read More

"Do you think you could cry and grind at the same time?" There's no room for subtleties when casting for the lead role in a music video like "Cry Like A Ghost" by Passion Pit. So when Daniel Scheinert (of DANIELS) asked Tallie Medel to star in the video, that’s… Read More

We're not positive, but we’re pretty sure the song “Molly” by Tyga feat. Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mall isn’t about their missing female friend. We have a strict drug testing policy here at IMVDb, so none of us have ever tried any drugs (we've never even done a marijuana), but based on what we've… Read More

Last week, we interviewed Eli Stonberg of fourclops about their video for "Live Your Life (TWINSMATIC Remix)" by Yuna. Today, we've got some more fourclops news because Eli and Jeff Greco are back with a sweet interactive video for “Girls Like Me” by TV Girl that lets you (and your Facebook friends) make cameos in the video. The interactive feature… Read More

Over the past year, director and designer Kate Moross has collaborated with singer-songwriter Jessie Ware on all things visual - from logos, to print campaigns, to several of her music videos. Along with Jessie and the styling team at Silver Spoon Attire, Kate has directed  nearly all of her music videos, starting with "Running” released early last… Read More

One of the best parts about watching music videos in an audience is getting to hear the different reactions out of people. And during the music video screening that we attended at SXSW, no video seemed to evoke as many different reactions from people as did “Big Shot” by CHRISTEENE… Read More

Music videos are inspired by lots of different things, but it’s rare to find one that was inspired by 5th grade science fair projects. However, in "Live Your Life (TWINSMATIC Remix)" by Yuna, that’s exactly where directors fourclops turned when coming up with the effects for the video. We talked… Read More

The debut music video for an up and coming artist is one of the first opportunities they have to really establish an image for themselves. In "Fall Over," the first music video for BANKS, the way director Dylan Knight approached the piece was to create the ideal environments for BANKS… Read More

A word of warning: if Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are hanging around your mansion and your pool, keep a sharp eye out for them stealing from you and leaving in a helicopter. That's the central lesson behind the new video for “High School” by Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne, directed by Benny Boom and produced… Read More

Sometimes, a director needs to actually see what’s in their head in order to help visualize the concept, even if that means doing ballerina moves in their living room, which is exactly what director DJay Brawner did while brainstorming the idea for “Hands And Faces” by The Used.  We talked… Read More

"Like Home" by Nicky Romero and NERVO is Kyle Padilla's first video as a solo director, and an ambitious one. It includes motorcycle stunts, an artist's first attempt at music video lip syncing, and, of course, directing an actor acting as a director. We talked to Kyle about writing personal… Read More

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