June 2012

Animated GIFs are great! We all love them, this is well documented... And music video related animated GIFs might literally be the greatest thing in the world! This is also well documented. But, with all of the One Direction and Justin Beiber animated GIFs out there on the webs, finding… Read More

Lana Del Rey is back and making a video for "National Anthem", which has one hell of a premise: rapper A$AP Rocky as JFK and Lana portraying Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Lana loves her preview clips, so today we get one featuring Lana and A&AP in their roles staring at each… Read More

A few months ago, I (Doug) went to LA to interview some directors in person and get on the set of a real live music video. This is what happened. Thanks to everyone who was in this for being so awesome. Part 1 includes: Amanda Curtis Robby Starbuck Adam Rothlein… Read More

First Music Videos

Posted by Doug Klinger on June 19, 2012 in Interviews

Back when MTV played music videos regularly, the way a band was depicted in their music video could literally make or break their career (this guy knows what I’m talking about). Although no one discovers new music by watching MTV anymore, music videos are still a way for bands to present themselves… Read More

For those of you not familiar with Canada's tendency to have a counterpart to most American entertainment franchises, the equivalency chart for music award shows goes something like this: Grammys = Juno Awards MTV Music Video Awards = MuchMusic Video Awards It just so happens that the MuchMusic Video Awards… Read More

While in New York back in April, I linked up with Chike from Creative Control as he shot the music video for “Hardknocks” with Joey BADA$$ and CJ Fly. Here are some of the cool things I saw.    Read More

Welcome to Our New Blog

Posted by Doug Klinger on June 13, 2012 in Site News

Welcome to the FilmedInsert.com Music Video Blog—a blog about music videos, creators, artists, and the industry as a whole. This blog, along side the Music Video Land podcast, is a way to help FilmedInsert.com tell the story of music videos as an art form. For a small glimpse into what… Read More

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