February 2013

Music video director Matthew Boman has made some of our favorite videos for artist like Riff Raff, BLOK, and Brooke Candy. And since he has directed some of our favorite music videos, we decided to ask him about his favorite music videos. Man, were we excited when we got his… Read More

When a music video has a total of four crewmembers, and one of them is credited as prop master, it’s clear those elements play a significant role in telling the story of the video. In the music video for “The Snow” by AK, director Kristina Carucci was able to alter… Read More

When BRTHR (the duo behind colorful and visually interesting music videos for artists like Cris Cab, Angel Haze, and Nina Sky) teamed up with Emily Kai Bock to remix her video for “She Is The Wave” by Doldrums, their goal was to make it look like a crazy person edited… Read More

Brian C. Lehrer’s video for “Tribo Fuego” by TWST-1 features fire dancers, dark rituals, and a dude in a loincloth who also happened to be the key grip. It’s not unusual for people to take on multiple roles on the set of a music video, but this has got to… Read More

Here at IMVDb, we don't throw around terms like "charming" for a music video very often, but Jordan Bruner's video for “Tourniquet” by Hem is charming. Animated by Jordan and Greg Lytle, and utilizing hand-made puppets, the video tells the story of an artist fox who moves to the city after a run in with some… Read More

Editor Profile: Isaac Hagy

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 22, 2013 in Interviews

Chances are, if you’ve seen a music video made in the past three or four years, you’ve seen the work of Isaac Hagy. Editor of some of the most popular music videos for artists like Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, and Foster The People (just to name a few),… Read More

If you are the drummer in a band and you are directing your band's music videos, it's a pretty ballsy move to center the concept around 50 drummers. But, in "Beast" by Nico Vega, directed by drummer Daniel Epand, the concept not only works, but makes for a great video.… Read More

Last month, we spent the day with Jason Ano on the set of Black Dave’s “Muthafuck! My Enemies” and we shared a few photos with you. Today, Dave premiered the video, and so we’re happy to premiere the behind the scene video that we shot while on set with him and… Read More

Last night, I headed down to Anthology Film Archive in New York City to see the premiere of Kevin Slack's short film Every Word Handwritten, presented by The Gaslight Anthem. The film is based on The Gaslight Anthem's music video "Handwritten," which Kevin also directed. The house was packed, so packed… Read More

There are a few ways to get a realistic looking performance out of a band. One way is to simply work with them over and over again with the track playing behind them until they get the sync looking right, another way is to just have them plug in and… Read More

Time management is always an issue when it comes to making music videos. However, Kid Rock and director Jameson Stafford took that to another level when they conceptualized and shot Kid Rock’s videos “Cucci Galore” and “Happy New Year” within the span of six days. We talked to Jameson about… Read More

Keith Schofield's video for “You Can't Be My Girl” by Darwin Deez features Darwin photobombing a bunch of stock video clips from pond5 and shutterstock. How many stock videos do you ask? We’re not exactly sure, but we did find as many as we could. You're welcome. Click on each image to see… Read More

You know you’ve hit gold with your casting call when “a Ukrainian ex-circus member, a real estate broker, and a straight up junkie” all show up to be in the same video. In “Crystal Vases” by The Last Royals, director Michal Lawrence follows a team of older women, lead by… Read More

Working with a five year old can be difficult, especially in a role that requires a range of emotions and a story to be told almost exclusively through facial expressions. That's why when working with five year old Talula Paulson, star of "Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers, director Isaac Ravishankara… Read More

Editor Profile: Ben Guzman

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 15, 2013 in Interviews

Last months when we talked to Nicolas Heller, he described to us what he calls “Guzman effects.” Named after editor Ben Guzman, these are ways to “spruce up the visual and give it more of a ‘music video’ feel.” We wanted to find out more about how Ben works, to… Read More

New Release: Lil Wayne 'Love Me'

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 15, 2013 in New Releases

If there's any rapper that looks right at home in a Victorian-style bed surrounded by water and barely-clothed women, it's Lil Wayne. He's an artist that often insists there's something supernatural about him (he did name two albums I Am Not a Human Being, after all), and in "Love Me,"… Read More

In the new video for "With Ur Love," Cher Lloyd and her accomplices don't just want your love, they want to bottle it and mix it into a cauldron. Shot at the Hollywood Castle, the video stars Cher as the leader of a team of ladies hosting a dinner party… Read More

In “Open” by Rhye, director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen tells the story of a young couple going through a less than perfect portion of their relationship. Daniel is able to tell this story, not through dialogue, but through the subtle actions and exchanges between the actors. We talked to Daniel about the… Read More

There are many ways to lure unsuspecting extras into your music video. For "Level" by Zombie Nation, director Bradonio turned to the old standby "sexy belly prop trick," as well as the classic "hustling people getting out of taxis move." The result is a hilarious music video with some great… Read More

In “New Piano” by Sumsun, director Alex Pelly combines beautiful driving and nature footage with superimposed shots of the artist – shots that were actually a lot more difficult to achieve than they seem. We talked to Alex about the concept behind the video, Palm Beach County, and getting the artist… Read More

Directors Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman of Aplus Filmz have been working with Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and TDE for years now. Because of that, they’ve built a relationship that has allowed them to not only direct the style of music videos that the label needs for promotion, but also to… Read More

Coming up with a music video based on the image of a butt isn’t a new thing. In fact, about 85% of rap videos from the 90s started with this very concept. Despite that, director David Wilson started with the idea of a butt and allowed it to grow into… Read More

SXSW 2013 Music Video Lineup

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 7, 2013 in News

The music video shortlist for the 2013 SXSW Film Festival was released today, and we’re particularly excited about it because we’re going! Check out the videos that made the cut, then get ready to see us in Austin next month! Read More

Director Alistair Legrand has a special affinity for making creepy music videos. So, when the members of Data Romance decided they wanted something creepy for their “Can't Keep Your Mind Off” video, they turned to Alistair to direct it. We talked to Alistair about directing the video, auditioning 50 girls for… Read More

For a cinematographer to put out consistently amazing work is a difficult task on it’s own. Shooting 100 videos in two years is crazy difficult. Getting nominated for the MVA for best cinematography four years in a row, that’s pretty much impossible. However, these are all things that cinematographer Steve… Read More

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