August 2013

What a week for music videos, you guys, clap it out. You guys still feeling your VMA hangover? Well snap out of it, we’ve got some popular-ass music videos to discuss! At the top of the list is "Loco" by Enrique Iglesias, directed by Yasha Malekzad and featuring Danny Trejo.… Read More

Today's music video relapse is going to be a weird one. Earlier this morning I was reading about Hyon Song-wol, one of the performers reportedly executed by firing squad a few days ago in North Korea. This is of course terrible and sad, just like most things in North Korea.… Read More

Facebook isn't really known as a video site, but today Jay Z and Justin Timberlake made music video history by premiering the video for "Holy Grail" on Jay Z's Facebook page. It was directed by Anthony Mandler and it's a beautifully shot and directed video. It will be available exclusively on… Read More

Portugal. The Man lead singer John Gourley and director of photography Michael Ragen have a pretty close relationship. So close, that Michael has actually worked on all of the Portugal. The Man videos as either a DP, or as a director. Their latest collaboration, "Modern Jesus" directed by AG Rojas,… Read More

One thing I hear a lot is people are bored of performance music videos. "Performance video" is almost a derogatory term, like store brand. The thing is, performance videos can be amazing videos, your artist just needs to be worthy of being looked at. Get a bunch of teenagers together… Read More

The beautiful and dramatic animated music video for "Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare" by Saint Motel centers around a Danish fisherman and his wife’s troubled and unfaithful relationship. Director and animator Sidsel Wittendorff Sørensen landed on this narrative after listening to the song and getting images of the sea stuck in her head. We… Read More

I don't think you really lived through the late 90s/early 00s unless you attended some sort of gathering where someone made a video montage of pictures to "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day. They of course didn't edit out the beginning of the song, so you had… Read More

Remember the band in Step Brothers that was playing at the Catalina Wine Mixer? Uptown Girl? Horatio Sanz, playing the lead singer of the band, claims they only play 80s Billy Joel songs as the crowd calls for obstensibly non-80s songs like "We Didn't Start The Fire". If we want… Read More

Last Sunday, before liveblogging the VMAs, we were with Survive This!, director Aaron Hymes, and Anthem Films on set of "Where I Belong." We were able to catch a bit of the narrative action and none of the rooftop performance, but things were already starting to look pretty sweet, with… Read More

Before his death in 2009, actor David Carradine’s last on screen performance was for a short film that was based on an Ours song and directed by Michael Maxxis. This film was never released. Four years later, Ours lead singer Jimmy Gnecco approached Michael to repurpose the footage to be used in… Read More

If there was one moment that everyone seems to be talking about from last night’s VMAs, it’s Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s medley performance of "We Can't Stop," "Blurred Lines," and "Give It 2 U." While Miley is getting most of the attention right now, Robin is definitely getting some… Read More

Although Robin Thicke didn't win for any of the categories he was nominated for last night at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, he still managed to be a part of the most talked about performance of the night with Miley Cyrus and had her touch his crotch with a… Read More

MTV VMA 2013 Liveblog

Posted by Adam Fairholm on August 26, 2013 in Event Coverage

Just like last year, Doug and I are live blogging the VMAs! Join us here at 8:30pm EST and we'll get it going. Also, if you want to check out all the nominees, they're all here.  Read More

When Disturbed went on hiatus in 2011, front man David Draiman started Device and released a self-titled debut album. The first video to come from that album, Vilify, dropped in February, and the second, "You Think You Know", was released this week, both directed by P.R. Brown. The video itself… Read More

Phil Mucci continues to have the dark yet colorful metal music video game on lock. "Zenith" by Huntress is a hardcore trip into outer space and features vocalist Jill Janus as both a cosmic nun and as a sexy cosmic demon. The video, like the track, does not slow down… Read More

It’s Friday, y’all. Time for your weekly music video happy hour of the top 10 most popular videos of the week. "Applause" by Lady Gaga comes in at #1, winning the week by over 15 million views, one of the biggest margins we've seen in a while. Some other things… Read More

The new music video for "Taste of Disarray" by Hawaii-based band Ignite The Red begins with a woman (Justine Godfrey) staring out into sea and looking at a scrap of fabric with a strange symbol on it. Next, we see a man (Darren Inos) fishing on a different shore -… Read More

A concept that began with some test footage shot in an aquarium, "Nightlight" by Dungeonesse, directed by Ariana Natale, beautifully combines Jellyfish and an invented loft style bedroom in the middle of a warehouse in East Brooklyn. The video features Jenn Wasner of Dungeonesse in her fabricated bedroom and is full… Read More

At first we heard that 'N Sync were going to reunite for an appearance on the VMAs, and then we heard that they were not and it was just a rumor. This may or may not be a big deal to you, but it does give us a good reason… Read More

Prior to signing with Athem Films, director Tim Hendrix took on a passion project with an idea that might have started out bigger than the budget. "Teenage Rhythm" by GRMLN is a high-energy video of high school students having fun and causing trouble in their hometown, but with all the… Read More

Now that Lady Gaga has released the first music video for her third album, we are officially cleared to get nostalgic about early Lady Gaga. Remember The Fame before it was The Fame Monster? Back when every song came with its own little Gaga pesudo rap in the middle for… Read More

You might not think a music video about pants and a shirt would be very interesting, but director NORTON and the band PAPA are about to change your opinion with the music video for "Young Rut." In this video, a pair of jeans and a yellow button down shirt fall… Read More

Mansions are a staple, almost right of passage for rappers when partying in music videos. But making the mansion party music video your own is a daunting task, a task director Andrew Hines took on in A$AP Ferg's "Shabba" video, honing in A$AP Mob's ideas into a cohesive promo, and… Read More

As part of our new features we launched last week, we launched a page to browse music videos by country, complete with a little map where you can click on various countries and see the music videos that have been made there. For instance, why not check out some music… Read More

Late last week, we launched a large update to IMVDb. All this week, we're going to be writing and tweeting about these new features and how you can use them. Today, we're checking out one of the main updates - our brand new video page and two new features: music… Read More

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