January 2016

Video Chats: Phil Mucci on "Sorrow" by Huntress

Posted by Caleb Jackson on January 30, 2016 in Interviews Contributor Post

Phil Mucci is a filmmaker who has made a name for himself directing visual effects and animation based music videos for bands such as Disturbed, Pig Destroyer, and Torche, among other metal acts in recent years. His work is astoundingly innovative, and really pushes the limits of what can be… Read More

David Bowie: Lazarus. The End of an Era

Posted by Caleb Jackson on January 12, 2016 in Cool New Music Videos Contributor Post

I was quite sad and dismayed to find that my favorite singer and performer passed away last night. David Bowie was so influential to the art community, not only as a musician, but as a composer, actor, filmmaker, and painter. He passed away at 69, right after releasing his final… Read More

"Everything suddenly slowed down. I lost focus on reality. I was no longer grounded to this earth. For a single moment, I felt everything. And in that momentÂ… I let go." -Music Videoshttps://imvdb.com/video/bjork/family https://imvdb.com/video/lapalux/puzzle https://imvdb.com/video/alabama-shakes/sound-color https://imvdb.com/video/joanna-newsom/divers https://imvdb.com/video/the-weeknd/the-hills https://imvdb.com/video/lorn/acid-rain https://imvdb.com/video/flying-lotus/coronus-the-terminator https://imvdb.com/video/earl-sweatshirt/grief https://imvdb.com/video/kevin-abstract/echo Read More

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