January 2013

Way back in February 2011, Mike Diva was a guest on the very first episode of the Music Video Land podcast. He was there (alongside Pedro Flores and Josh Harraway) to talk about his music video for "I'm on Crack" by the Left Rights. Two years later, IMVDb and Mike… Read More

To some, car stereo systems are an obsession, but can the power of extreme bass reunite you with your emotionally distant wife via an alternate dimension where Henry Rollins fights you? You'll never know until you watch “Pierce The Morning Rain” by Dinosaur Jr., which features a suburban dad, played by James Urbaniak, being… Read More

One of our favorite pieces of video equipment is the SnorriCam. Partially, because it is able to produce some really interesting looking footage and provide perspective like no other camera rig can. But mainly, we love the SnorriCam because it requires the artist to strap a giant, often homemade rig… Read More

The first time we talked to Carlos Lopez Estrada, he told us that “Me Voy” by Jesse and Joy was shot in his roommate David’s bedroom. The last time we talked to him, he discussed getting Isaac Ravishankara to come with him to Mexico, basically without any food, to star in… Read More

The last time we talked to director duo LAMAR+NIK, it was about their “Magnolia” video, which features 188 cardboard boxes made into Lushlife's lyrics. This time around we’re talking to them about “Never Going Back” by Samantha Crain, a video that features 3,800 hand-cut images of Samantha. We talked to LAMAR+NIK about the… Read More

Since back when MTV first came around, stop-motion animation has been used in music videos with great effectiveness. In fact, stop-motion has been such a staple of the music video world for so long, it’s hard to imagine someone finding something new to do with the technique. That is, unless… Read More

The band Hollerado has made some sweet music videos that require elaborate pre-planning. Some of their videos, however, particularly when collaborating with director Michael Maxxis, take a different production approach. "Showing up at a location with no idea what you're going to shoot" different. We talked to Michael about their most… Read More

Daniel Gray Longino and Eric Notarnicola bring us “MEOW” by Anamanaguchi, a video so packed full of fun and ridiculousness that we'd never be able to encapsulate it all into one intro - believe us, we've tried. Please enjoy the video, and then the interview with Daniel and Eric below. Doug:… Read More

A lot of music videos try to be sexy. The videos that try too hard, but ultimately fail, can sometimes be fun to watch. But the videos that are even more fun to watch are the ones that seem to effortlessly succeed at their sexiness, both with the actors and… Read More

As we continue to collect information about music videos and expand our database, we're starting to do some more things with the data we have. To start it off in 2013, today we're launching a beta of our new Social Tracker. You can find it on evey video page, just… Read More

These days, having guns in your music video can toe a pretty delicate line of potentially sensationalizing violence. One sure fire way to avoid any misconception is to replace bullets with lipstick, add in a bunch of bright colors, and open the video with a shot of an awesome fluffy… Read More

This past weekend, we spent some time with Ellen Frances on the set of the video for “Vertigo” by CREEP featuring Lou Rhodes. On Friday, we had the chance to watch Ellen and technical consultant Mari Kussman begin to assemble some of the costumes, then on Sunday we went down… Read More

Director Edouard Salier’s music video for “Waiting For A Sign” by Scratch Massive feat. Koudlam features some of the most badass kids to ever be in a music video. It's a video that keeps you captivated, regardless of if you’re watching fights, elephants, or just shots of the landscape. We talked… Read More

Producers Profile: Jason Baum

Posted by Doug Klinger on January 18, 2013 in Interviews

Fans of this blog might know Jason Baum from our interview with him about “Concrete Wall,” the Zee Avi music video he directed last year. What you might not know (or maybe you do know, I literally have no idea), is that Jason actually spends most of his time as… Read More

Sometimes music video directors can’t stay away. Even when they’re on vacation, when a good opportunity comes their way, they just can’t pass it up. Like Matt Alonzo for example: near the end of 2012, he thought he was done directing videos for the year, until DJ Ill Will hit… Read More

Peter Kafka at AllThingsD.com is reporting that YouTube and Vimeo are close to a deal that would have YouTube buying a minority stake in VEVO. Remember in early December when YouTube and VEVO's content deal was set to expire and we needed a solution within 120 days? Well, here it… Read More

Last year, director Noel Paul and Bat For Lashes went three for three when it comes to making awesome music videos (over here at IMVDb, we call that a “hat trick”). Each video that Noel directed for Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) served as the perfect compliment to the three… Read More

One of the first things to cross our mind after watching director Nicolas Heller’s “Look Real High” by Adrian Lau was, “Man, that’s a lot of weed!” We also started to wonder whose job is it to get all of that weed, and where they got that awesome sword. Then… Read More

Our views on cinema seems to be changing, the once popular “shoot-em-up” style film seems a lot less entertaining after the recent events involving gun violence. With that said, there are still ways to find beauty within dark subject matter, like in the Carlos Lopez Estrada directed music video for… Read More

When searching for a music video director, most people wouldn’t think that LinkedIn is the best place to look. However, some really great music video directors, like Leah McKissock for example, apparently have LinkedIn accounts. We know this because that is how she was contacted to direct “Belong To You,” the… Read More

Yesterday, we were on the lower east side of Manhattan on set with Jason Ano and Black Dave, shooting a behind-the-scenes video for “Muthafuck! My Enemies” that you guys will get to see very soon. Until then, here is a few photos from the shoot that are both cool and… Read More

Director Luke Gilford knows about directing videos that feature supernatural situations in real life settings. Both his videos for “The Silicone Veil” by Susanne Sundfør and “& It Was U“ by How To Dress Well deal with these ideas. We talked to Luke about how “& It Was U“ was inspired… Read More

Ever wonder what it's like to live the glamorous life of a music video director? Daniel Kwan of the directing duo DANIELS has posted a video composed of bits and pieces of iPhone video from 2012 that gives us a look. And wow it is glamorous. Tiny dogs walking over… Read More

Deadpanning (also know as the opposite of camera mugging) is an overlooked form of performance art in music videos. At IMVDb, we enthusiastically recognize and promote the art of deadpan, so we were excited when in late 2012 and early 2013, directing duo Harrys released two videos for "So Many Details" and… Read More

In “80s Fitness” by Koan Sound, director Tim Hendrix introduces us to a colorful and twisted world full of violence, murder, and spandex (which apparently is more expensive than you’d think). We talked to Tim about living in an editing suite to finish this video, interrupting Saman Keshavarz, and jazzercise.… Read More

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