Hank & Cupcakes 'Ain't No Love' music video

Ain't No Love (Version 1) (2013)

Hank & Cupcakes

Bombino 'Azamane Tiliade' music video

Azamane Tiliade (2013)


Director: Reid Long

We Lost The Sea 'Barkhan Charge' music video

Barkhan Charge (2013)

We Lost The Sea

Hudson 'Chained' music video

Chained (2013)


Elisa Jo 'Defeated' music video

Defeated (2013)

Elisa Jo

Son Of Kick 'EOW' music video

EOW (2013)

Son Of Kick

Director: Charles Whitcher

Theme Park 'Ghosts' music video

Ghosts (2013)

Theme Park

Director: Joe Connor

Ski King 'Gotta Go' music video

Gotta Go (2013)

Ski King

Beyond Dishonor 'Heisenberg' music video

Heisenberg (2013)

Beyond Dishonor

Director: Mitch Martinez

Beyond Dishonor 'Heisenberg' music video

Heisenberg (2013)

Beyond Dishonor

Director: Mitch Martinez

Rivulets 'How, Who' music video

How, Who (2013)


Director: Adam Barnick

Lavender Diamond 'I Don’t Recall' music video

I Don’t Recall (2013)

Lavender Diamond

Forever Came Calling 'Ides' music video

Ides (2013)

Forever Came Calling

Director: Garrett Danz

Sally Shapiro 'If It Doesn't Rain' music video

If It Doesn't Rain (2013)

Sally Shapiro

Director: Iris B. Cegarra

Colton Ford 'Let Me Live Again' music video

Let Me Live Again (2013)

Colton Ford

Director: Marco Ovando

Rittz 'Like I Am' music video

Like I Am (2013)


Doldrums 'Lost In Everyone' music video

Lost In Everyone (2013)


Director: Airick Woodhead, Angus Borsos

Cold War Kids 'Miracle Mile' music video

Miracle Mile (2013)

Cold War Kids

Director: Vern Moen

Sirah 'Motel Bible' music video

Motel Bible (2013)


Director: Mel Soria

Benjamin Biolay 'Profite' music video

Profite (2013)

Benjamin Biolay

Director: Nico Kasakoff, Martin Jalfen

Halls 'Reverie' music video

Reverie (2013)


Rod Stewart 'She Makes Me Happy' music video

She Makes Me Happy (2013)

Rod Stewart

Director: Cameron Duddy

Pelussje 'The Rise' music video

The Rise (2013)


Director: ThisGasThing

Mrs. Magician 'There Is No God' music video

There Is No God (2013)

Mrs. Magician

Director: Derrick Acosta

Spencer Bonds 'Toast' music video

Toast (2013)

Spencer Bonds

Director: Victor Klaus

Raveyards 'Together We Play' music video

Together We Play (2013)


Director: Cedric Blaisbois

The Record Company 'Turn Me Loose' music video

Turn Me Loose (2013)

The Record Company

Director: The Record Company

Templeton Pek 'Wake Me Up' music video

Wake Me Up (2013)

Templeton Pek

Director: Nick Whiteoak

I/O 'Wasted My Time' music video

Wasted My Time (2013)


Director: BRTHR

Haraball 'Well, That Passed' music video

Well, That Passed (2013)


Director: Kimm Saatvedt, Thomas Ekstrøm