Lily Ann Riche 'A Day Like This' music video

A Day Like This (2013)

Lily Ann Riche

Keaton Simons 'Beautiful Pain' music video

Beautiful Pain (2013)

Keaton Simons

Cris Cab 'Colors' music video

Colors (2013)

Cris Cab

Nek 'Congiunzione Astrale' music video

Congiunzione Astrale (2013)


Director: Marco Salom

Apple Jelly 'Control' music video

Control (2013)

Apple Jelly

KEN Mode 'Counter Culture Complex' music video

Counter Culture Complex (2013)

KEN Mode

The Heavy 'Curse Me Good' music video

Curse Me Good (2013)

The Heavy

Frontier Ruckus 'Dealerships' music video

Dealerships (2013)

Frontier Ruckus

Director: Frontier Ruckus, John Hanson

John Coffey 'Dirt & Stones' music video

Dirt & Stones (2013)

John Coffey

Pevitsa Poreva 'Don`t Screw With Me' music video

Don`t Screw With Me (2013)

Pevitsa Poreva

Director: Alexander Solomakhin

To The Bones 'Emperor's Ride' music video

Emperor's Ride (2013)

To The Bones

Sami Beigi 'Ey Joonam' music video

Ey Joonam (2013)

Sami Beigi

Director: Alex Ferra

Hanson 'Get the Girl Back' music video

Get the Girl Back (2013)


Director: Adam Neustadter

Little Mix 'How Ya Doin'?' music video

How Ya Doin'? (2013)

Little Mix

Director: Carly Cussen

Bonaparte 'Mañana Forever' music video

Mañana Forever (2013)


Director: Benjael Halfmaderholz

Cat Power 'Manhattan' music video

Manhattan (2013)

Cat Power

Director: Chan Marshall, Greg Hunt

Rattlehawk 'Motor Howl' music video

Motor Howl (2013)


Call of the Void 'Napalm Lungs' music video

Napalm Lungs (2013)

Call of the Void

Director: Erica Griffiths

Movits! 'Nitroglycerin' music video

Nitroglycerin (2013)


Director: Ulf Berglund, Movits!, Zakarias Lekberg

The Mendition of the Quay 'Not Me' music video

Not Me (2013)

The Mendition of the Quay

The Besnard Lakes 'People of the Sticks' music video

People of the Sticks (2013)

The Besnard Lakes

Vandaveer 'Pretty Polly' music video

Pretty Polly (2013)


Director: Jared Varava

The Choo Choo Bob Show 'Rat Fudge Sundae' music video

Rat Fudge Sundae (2013)

The Choo Choo Bob Show

Kid Infinity 'Riding Through The Jungle (Pizza Remix)' music video

Riding Through The Jungle (Pizza Remix) (2013)

Kid Infinity

Shauna Mackin 'Rita' music video

Rita (2013)

Shauna Mackin

Lyla Foy 'Shoestring' music video

Shoestring (2013)

Lyla Foy

Director: Oscar Hudson

Archive 'Stick Me in My Heart' music video

Stick Me in My Heart (2013)


Milky Chance 'Stolen Dance' music video

Stolen Dance (Version 1) (2013)

Milky Chance

Director: Jana Buchmann, Stefan Cantante

Symmetry 'Streets Of Fire' music video

Streets Of Fire (2013)


Director: Alastair Uhlig

The Brand New Heavies 'Sunlight' music video

Sunlight (2013)

The Brand New Heavies

Hypocrisy 'Tales of Thy Spineless' music video

Tales of Thy Spineless (2013)


Ex Guru 'The Hunt' music video

The Hunt (2013)

Ex Guru

Enter Shikari 'The Paddington Frisk' music video

The Paddington Frisk (2013)

Enter Shikari

Rudimental 'Waiting All Night' music video

Waiting All Night (2013)


Director: Nez

Rich Homie Quan 'Where Were You' music video

Where Were You (2013)

Rich Homie Quan