Wild Nothing 'A Dancing Shell' music video

A Dancing Shell (2013)

Wild Nothing

Director: Hayley Akins

Cory Hueston 'American Dream' music video

American Dream (2013)

Cory Hueston

D'rok THE menace 'Ankh Musik' music video

Ankh Musik (2013)

D'rok THE menace

Ratham Stone 'Bang Bang' music video

Bang Bang (2013)

Ratham Stone

Dutch Uncles 'Bellio' music video

Bellio (2013)

Dutch Uncles

While She Sleeps 'Death Toll' music video

Death Toll (2013)

While She Sleeps

Director: Ben Thornley, Paul Burrows

AntropomorphiA 'Debauchery In Putrefaction' music video

Debauchery In Putrefaction (2013)


Zoe Boekbinder 'Don't Tell Me' music video

Don't Tell Me (2013)

Zoe Boekbinder

Alicia Keys 'Fire We Make' music video

Fire We Make (2013)

Alicia Keys

Director: Chris Robinson

Roman 'Gimme That' music video

Gimme That (2013)


Two Door Cinema Club 'Handshake' music video

Handshake (2013)

Two Door Cinema Club

Talib Kweli 'High Life' music video

High Life (2013)

Talib Kweli

K. Michelle 'I Just Wanna' music video

I Just Wanna (2013)

K. Michelle

Director: Amber Gray

Thomas D'Arcy 'I Wake Up Every Day' music video

I Wake Up Every Day (2013)

Thomas D'Arcy

Missing Sibling 'Keep Strong Boy' music video

Keep Strong Boy (2013)

Missing Sibling

La Fuente 'Matador' music video

Matador (2013)

La Fuente

Logic 'Nasty' music video

Nasty (2013)


Director: GRVTY

Patty Griffin 'Ohio' music video

Ohio (2013)

Patty Griffin

Director: Roy Taylor

Alan Wilkis 'Old-Fashioned Girl' music video

Old-Fashioned Girl (2013)

Alan Wilkis

Tigger Da Author 'P.O.W.E.R.' music video

P.O.W.E.R. (2013)

Tigger Da Author

A$AP Ferg 'Persian Wine' music video

Persian Wine (2013)

A$AP Ferg

Director: Thuan Tran, A$AP Ferg

Kool & Kass 'Pleasance (WDGAF)' music video

Pleasance (WDGAF) (2013)

Kool & Kass

Director: ESNAF

Young Galaxy 'Pretty Boy' music video

Pretty Boy (2013)

Young Galaxy

Extrema 'Pyre Of Fire' music video

Pyre Of Fire (2013)


Director: Mauro Tettamanzi

Freeze The Atlantic 'Shivering & Dazed' music video

Shivering & Dazed (2013)

Freeze The Atlantic

Chris Malinchak 'So Good To Me' music video

So Good To Me (2013)

Chris Malinchak

Director: Robert Hales

Temple Of Thieves 'Species' music video

Species (2013)

Temple Of Thieves

Treeside 'Spin Around' music video

Spin Around (2013)


Jon Lajoie 'Started As A Baby' music video

Started As A Baby (2013)

Jon Lajoie

Director: Jon Lajoie, Brandon Dermer

Quincy (5) 'The First Thing' music video

The First Thing (2013)


Director: Mike Ho

Fito Blanko 'Vamos Alla' music video

Vamos Alla (2013)

Fito Blanko

Blondfire 'Waves' music video

Waves (2013)


Director: Gus Black

The Dillinger Escape Plan 'When I Lost My Bet' music video

When I Lost My Bet (2013)

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Director: Mitch Massie

The Dillinger Escape Plan 'When I Lost My Bet' music video

When I Lost My Bet (2013)

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Kae Sun 'When The Pot' music video

When The Pot (2013)

Kae Sun

Director: Charles Officer

Stardog Champion 'When We Fall' music video

When We Fall (2013)

Stardog Champion

Director: James McCabe

Mr. Vegas 'Whenever You're Lonely' music video

Whenever You're Lonely (2013)

Mr. Vegas

Banda Carnaval 'Ya Me Sirvió De Experiencia' music video

Ya Me Sirvió De Experiencia (2013)

Banda Carnaval

Crystal Fighters 'You & I' music video

You & I (2013)

Crystal Fighters

Director: Elliott Sellers

Manufactured Superstars 'Zombies In Love' music video

Zombies In Love (2013)

Manufactured Superstars

Director: Parker W. Young