Charly Vox 'Back From the Dead' music video

Back From the Dead (2013)

Charly Vox

Rainy Milo 'Bankrobber' music video

Bankrobber (2013)

Rainy Milo

Dust Bowl Jokies 'Boot On Rocks Off' music video

Boot On Rocks Off (2013)

Dust Bowl Jokies

Director: Jonathan Scherzenlehner

The Weeks 'Brother In The Night' music video

Brother In The Night (2013)

The Weeks

¡FLIST! 'Bug' music video

Bug (2013)


Euroz 'Chasing Ghosts' music video

Chasing Ghosts (2013)


Niko Is 'Crazy' music video

Crazy (2013)

Niko Is

Polar 'Create' music video

Create (2013)


Director: Chris Stockings

Broken Light 'Dawn of Nothing' music video

Dawn of Nothing (2013)

Broken Light

Gazebo Penguins 'E' finito il caffè' music video

E' finito il caffè (2013)

Gazebo Penguins

Director: Lorenzo Muto

Marie Davidson 'Esthétique privée' music video

Esthétique privée (2013)

Marie Davidson

WON 'Face Simmetry' music video

Face Simmetry (2013)


Bombay Show Pig 'Fingerprint' music video

Fingerprint (2013)

Bombay Show Pig

NOFORKS 'Geisha' music video

Geisha (2013)


Modà 'Gioia' music video

Gioia (2013)


Don Diablo 'Give It All' music video

Give It All (2013)

Don Diablo

Director: Matt Maude

Captain Jack 'Give It Up' music video

Give It Up (2013) (2013)

Captain Jack

Kingdom Come (2) 'God Does Not Sing Our Song' music video

God Does Not Sing Our Song (2013)

Kingdom Come

Kevin McCall 'High' music video

High (2013)

Kevin McCall

Calvin Harris 'I Need Your Love' music video

I Need Your Love (2013)

Calvin Harris

Director: Emil Nava

Andreea Banica 'In lipsa ta' music video

In lipsa ta (2013)

Andreea Banica

Director: Dan Petcan

Karma Kid 'In My Arms' music video

In My Arms (2013)

Karma Kid

Coastgaard 'Kings' music video

Kings (2013)


Burns 'Limitless' music video

Limitless (2013)


Tigirlily 'Little Birdie' music video

Little Birdie (2013)


La Fouine 'Ma meilleure' music video

Ma meilleure (2013)

La Fouine

Hovhannes Babakhanyan 'Malatia-Sebastia' music video

Malatia-Sebastia (2013)

Hovhannes Babakhanyan

Gita 'Mardi Gras' music video

Mardi Gras (2013)


Director: Yoni Lappin

Rebeka 'Melancholia' music video

Melancholia (2013)


Five Knives 'Messin' With My Mind' music video

Messin' With My Mind (2013)

Five Knives

Director: Taylor Cohen

Youth Lagoon 'Mute' music video

Mute (2013)

Youth Lagoon

Director: Tyler T Williams

Jenn Bostic 'Not Yet' music video

Not Yet (2013)

Jenn Bostic

Mr Little Jeans 'Oh Sailor' music video

Oh Sailor (2013)

Mr Little Jeans

BREAKFAST 'Only Way To Go' music video

Only Way To Go (2013)


Wintermitts 'Our Love' music video

Our Love (2013)


Brogan Kelby 'Outer Space' music video

Outer Space (2013)

Brogan Kelby

Wolfgang Gartner 'Overdose' music video

Overdose (2013)

Wolfgang Gartner

Pro Era 'Overseas' music video

Overseas (2013)

Pro Era

Director: Creative Control

NONONO 'Pumpin Blood' music video

Pumpin Blood (2013)


Director: Magnus Härdner

Melt Yourself Down 'Release!' music video

Release! (2013)

Melt Yourself Down

Director: Morgan Beringer

Deathening 'Self Impaled' music video

Self Impaled (2013)


Beaches (2) 'Send Them Away' music video

Send Them Away (2013)


Kadie Elder 'Simple Guy' music video

Simple Guy (2013)

Kadie Elder

Felix Da Housecat 'Sinner Winner' music video

Sinner Winner (2013)

Felix Da Housecat

Director: Arran Shearing

Elephant (3) 'Skyscraper' music video

Skyscraper (2013)


Against The Waves 'Something More' music video

Something More (2013)

Against The Waves

HIM 'Tears On Tape' music video

Tears On Tape (2013)


Director: Stefan Lindfors

Dizzy Wright 'The First Agreement' music video

The First Agreement (2013)

Dizzy Wright

Director: George Orozco

Moby & Mark Lanegan 'The Lonely Night' music video

The Lonely Night (2013)

Moby & Mark Lanegan

Director: Colin Rich

He's My Brother She's My Sister 'The Same Old Ground' music video

The Same Old Ground (2013)

He's My Brother She's My Sister

Director: Motionsound

Veronica Falls 'Waiting for Something to Happen' music video

Waiting for Something to Happen (2013)

Veronica Falls

Ladylike Lily 'Who's Next ?' music video

Who's Next ? (2013)

Ladylike Lily

2 Chainz 'Yuck' music video

Yuck (2013)

2 Chainz