Amillion The Poet 'Air It Out' music video

Air It Out (2013)

Amillion The Poet

Jasmine Thompson 'Almost Lover' music video

Almost Lover (2013)

Jasmine Thompson

KO El Mas Completo 'Apaga la Luz' music video

Apaga la Luz (2013)

KO El Mas Completo

Pet Shop Boys 'Axis' music video

Axis (2013)

Pet Shop Boys

Director: Luke Halls

F.K.Ü. 'Black Hole Hell' music video

Black Hole Hell (2013)


Director: Juppi Juppsen

Drop City Yacht Club 'Crickets' music video

Crickets (2013)

Drop City Yacht Club

Director: Marcus Raboy

FEJD 'Den Skimrande' music video

Den Skimrande (2013)


Director: Mathias Hjelm

Attic Lights 'Don't You' music video

Don't You (2013)

Attic Lights

Director: Chris Croft

The Wilderness of Manitoba 'Echoes' music video

Echoes (2013)

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Director: John Albanis

Cody Longo 'Electric' music video

Electric (2013)

Cody Longo

The Upset Victory 'Fake This' music video

Fake This (2013)

The Upset Victory

Discopolis 'Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion)' music video

Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) (2013)


Director: Camille Benett

Kool & Kass 'Fresh Prince' music video

Fresh Prince (2013)

Kool & Kass

Director: Eightsixfourth

No Joy 'Hare Tarot Lies' music video

Hare Tarot Lies (2013)

No Joy

Director: Jason Harvey

Meg Myers 'Heart Heart Head' music video

Heart Heart Head (2013)

Meg Myers

Director: Elliott Sellers

Architecture In Helsinki 'Hold Music' music video

Hold Music (2013)

Architecture In Helsinki

Austra 'Home' music video

Home (2013)


Director: That Go

Salvia Plath 'House of Leaves' music video

House of Leaves (2013)

Salvia Plath

Director: Sasha Desree, Renee Clark

They Might Be Giants 'Insect Hospital' music video

Insect Hospital (2013)

They Might Be Giants

Director: Hiné Mizushima

N.A. 'Last Piece' music video

Last Piece (2013)


Kodaline 'Love Like This' music video

Love Like This (2013)


Director: Rob & Rob

Coliseum 'Love Under Will' music video

Love Under Will (2013)


Director: Joe Watson

The Summer Set 'Maybe Tonight' music video

Maybe Tonight (2013)

The Summer Set

5ive Star 'More' music video

More (2013)

5ive Star

Director: Jillian Martin

DJ Koze 'Nices Wölkchen' music video

Nices Wölkchen (2013)

DJ Koze

Tangerine 'Out Of Sight' music video

Out Of Sight (2013)


Mt Eden 'Sierra Leone' music video

Sierra Leone (2013)

Mt Eden

Director: Simon McLoughlin

Tiger Lily 'Sinking' music video

Sinking (2013)

Tiger Lily

Director: Garrett Danz

The Classic Crime 'What I'd Give Up' music video

What I'd Give Up (2013)

The Classic Crime

Director: Robbie Negrin

Laura Marling 'When Brave Bird Saved' music video

When Brave Bird Saved (2013)

Laura Marling

Director: FRED&NICK

L.B. Rayne 'Where No Man's Been Before' music video

Where No Man's Been Before (2013)

L.B. Rayne

Director: Doug Bresler

Cloud Boat 'Youthern' music video

Youthern (2013)

Cloud Boat