All Time Low 'A Love Like War' music video

A Love Like War (2013)

All Time Low

Director: Drew Russ

Goldfrapp 'Annabel' music video

Annabel (2013)


Director: Lisa Gunning, Alison Goldfrapp

Kingdom 'Bank Head' music video

Bank Head (2013)


Director: Jude Mc

Redlight King 'Born To Rise' music video

Born To Rise (2013)

Redlight King

Director: Strati Hovartos

HeeJun 'Bring The Love Back' music video

Bring The Love Back (2013)


Director: Sylvain White

Go Dugong 'Carry A Flag' music video

Carry A Flag (2013)

Go Dugong

Tiny Hearts 'Centerfold' music video

Centerfold (2013)

Tiny Hearts

Ricki-Lee 'Come & Get In Trouble With Me' music video

Come & Get In Trouble With Me (2013)


Director: Marc Furmie, Ricki-Lee

Purple Hats and Jetpacks 'Every Sunday' music video

Every Sunday (2013)

Purple Hats and Jetpacks

Mahmood 'Fallin' Rain' music video

Fallin' Rain (2013)


Director: Davide Dadez Sala

Carson Lueders 'Get To Know You Girl' music video

Get To Know You Girl (2013)

Carson Lueders

Director: Nayip Ramos

Karl Wolf 'Go Your Own Way' music video

Go Your Own Way (2013)

Karl Wolf

Director: David Zennie, Franco Paroni

King Lil G 'God's Looking For Me' music video

God's Looking For Me (2013)

King Lil G

Gudda Gudda 'Hold It Down' music video

Hold It Down (2013)

Gudda Gudda

Director: Kevin Davis

Attention Thieves 'I Swear' music video

I Swear (2013)

Attention Thieves

Michelle Williams 'If We Had Your Eyes' music video

If We Had Your Eyes (2013)

Michelle Williams

Tales In Space 'In A Million Places At Once' music video

In A Million Places At Once (2013)

Tales In Space

Pixies 'Indie Cindy' music video

Indie Cindy (2013)


HIM 'Into The Night' music video

Into The Night (2013)


Director: Stefan Lindfors

Sebastian Mikael 'Last Night' music video

Last Night (2013)

Sebastian Mikael

Director: Mike Ho

Flynt Flossy 'Naughty Farmer' music video

Naughty Farmer (2013)

Flynt Flossy

Director: F.Floss

Andrew Bayer 'Need Your Love' music video

Need Your Love (2013)

Andrew Bayer

Director: Michal Bolland

Conquering Animal Sound 'No Dream' music video

No Dream (2013)

Conquering Animal Sound

Dutch Uncles 'Nometo' music video

Nometo (2013)

Dutch Uncles

Pond 'O Dharma' music video

O Dharma (2013)


Director: Krang Doogs

Catfish And The Bottlemen 'Rango' music video

Rango (2013)

Catfish And The Bottlemen

Director: Pedro Chaves

Dizzee Rascal 'Something Really Bad' music video

Something Really Bad (2013)

Dizzee Rascal

Director: Henry Scholfield

Just Brittany 'SouthSide 2K13' music video

SouthSide 2K13 (2013)

Just Brittany

Twinsmith 'Summer Jam' music video

Summer Jam (2013)


7Lions 'Taking Over' music video

Taking Over (2013)


Director: Mikey Easterling

Ylvis 'The Fox' music video

The Fox (2013)


Director: Ole Martin Hafsmo

Dessa 'The Lamb' music video

The Lamb (2013)


Moby 'The Perfect Life' music video

The Perfect Life (2013)


The Bronx 'The Unholy Hand' music video

The Unholy Hand (2013)

The Bronx

Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizárraga 'Vas A Llorar Por Mí' music video

Vas A Llorar Por Mí (2013)

Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizárraga

Director: Omar Torres

Hooded Fang 'Wasteland' music video

Wasteland (2013)

Hooded Fang

Director: Hooded Fang, Mina Sewell Mancuso

Rich Gang 'We Been On' music video

We Been On (2013)

Rich Gang

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Tess Henley 'Who Are You' music video

Who Are You (2013)

Tess Henley

Director: Jon Dong

D-Black 'Woara' music video

Woara (2013)