Lil Dicky 'All K' music video

All K (2013)

Lil Dicky

Alexander Spit 'Black Magic On Blue Magic' music video

Black Magic On Blue Magic (2013)

Alexander Spit

California Wives 'Blood Red Youth' music video

Blood Red Youth (2013)

California Wives

The Arcadia Verses 'Build Your Art' music video

Build Your Art (2013)

The Arcadia Verses

Hooded Fang 'Bye Bye Land' music video

Bye Bye Land (2013)

Hooded Fang

Director: Ashley Fell , Michael James Wright

Anton Ewald 'Can't Hold Back' music video

Can't Hold Back (2013)

Anton Ewald

Yovanny Polanco 'Como Funciona El Amor' music video

Como Funciona El Amor (2013)

Yovanny Polanco

DuskMachine 'Endless' music video

Endless (2013)


Creations 'Eyes, A Gateway (Our Abyss)' music video

Eyes, A Gateway (Our Abyss) (2013)


Director: Jeff Kane

Eros Ramazzotti 'Fino All'Estasi' music video

Fino All'Estasi (2013)

Eros Ramazzotti

Fun Adults 'For Water' music video

For Water (2013)

Fun Adults

The Wild Feathers 'Hard Wind' music video

Hard Wind (2013)

The Wild Feathers

Director: Gus Black

Eros Ramazzotti 'Hasta El Éxtasis' music video

Hasta El Éxtasis (2013)

Eros Ramazzotti

Director: Robert Hales

Sharon Doorson 'High On Your Love' music video

High On Your Love (2013)

Sharon Doorson

Mateo 'How Good Is Your Love' music video

How Good Is Your Love (2013)


Director: David Telles

J. Appiah 'I Ain't Rich… Yet' music video

I Ain't Rich… Yet (2013)

J. Appiah

Chris Chace 'If We Did It All Again' music video

If We Did It All Again (2013)

Chris Chace

Iyanya 'Jombolo' music video

Jombolo (2013)


Fergie Frederiksen 'Last Battle Of My War' music video

Last Battle Of My War (2013)

Fergie Frederiksen

Director: Riccardo Bernardi

Duologue 'Machine Stop' music video

Machine Stop (2013)


Lossmaker 'Melodrama Camp Three' music video

Melodrama Camp Three (2013)


The Script 'Millionaires' music video

Millionaires (2013)

The Script

Director: Paul Banks

Harm's Way 'Mind Control' music video

Mind Control (2013)

Harm's Way

Director: Max Moore

Mad Heart 'No More Tears' music video

No More Tears (2013)

Mad Heart

Irina Shapiro 'One Last Kiss' music video

One Last Kiss (2013)

Irina Shapiro

Director: Hendrek Maasik

Elro 'Real World' music video

Real World (2013)


Destruction Unit 'Sonic Pearl' music video

Sonic Pearl (2013)

Destruction Unit

The Zolas 'Strange Girl' music video

Strange Girl (2013)

The Zolas

Director: Emma Higgins

Ralph Myerz 'Take A Look At The World' music video

Take A Look At The World (2013)

Ralph Myerz

Director: Øystein Fyxe

Tyler Ward 'The Other Side' music video

The Other Side (2013)

Tyler Ward

Director: Born Original

Tunng 'The Village' music video

The Village (2013)


Director: Franklyn Banks

Pure X 'Thousand Year Old Child' music video

Thousand Year Old Child (2013)

Pure X

Jahméne Douglas 'Titanium' music video

Titanium (2013)

Jahméne Douglas

Crushed Beaks 'Tropes' music video

Tropes (2013)

Crushed Beaks

Willie HEX 'Troublesome' music video

Troublesome (2013)

Willie HEX

Nina Nesbitt 'Way In The World' music video

Way In The World (2013)

Nina Nesbitt

Director: Dan Henshaw

Wrekonize 'We Got Soul' music video

We Got Soul (2013)


Director: Wrekonize

2 Chainz 'We Own It' music video

We Own It ((Fast & Furious)) (2013)

2 Chainz