Sworn In 'A Song For The Nameless' music video

A Song For The Nameless (2013)

Sworn In

Scotty Rebel 'Bang' music video

Bang (2013)

Scotty Rebel

Director: Alex Nazari

Connie Talbot 'Beautiful World' music video

Beautiful World (2013)

Connie Talbot

Max Raptor 'Breakers' music video

Breakers (2013)

Max Raptor

Director: Akira The Don

Daiyan Trisha 'Cheat' music video

Cheat (2013)

Daiyan Trisha

Connie Talbot 'Colours of The Wind' music video

Colours of The Wind (2013)

Connie Talbot

Sniff 'n' the Tears 'Driver's Seat' music video

Driver's Seat (2013)

Sniff 'n' the Tears

Old Gods 'From Beyond' music video

From Beyond (2013)

Old Gods

Shake The Baron 'Ghost Hits' music video

Ghost Hits (2013)

Shake The Baron

Mayer Hawthorne 'Her Favorite Song' music video

Her Favorite Song (2013)

Mayer Hawthorne

Director: Marc Klasfeld

Stars 'Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It' music video

Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It (2013)


Director: George Vale, Torquil Campbell

Kangen Band 'Ijab Kabul' music video

Ijab Kabul (2013)

Kangen Band

Snoop Dogg 'Let The Bass Go' music video

Let The Bass Go (2013)

Snoop Dogg

Director: Benny Boom

Lungs 'Loner' music video

Loner (2013)


The Flaming Lips 'Look... The Sun Is Rising' music video

Look... The Sun Is Rising (2013)

The Flaming Lips

Director: Micah Buzan

The Limousines 'Love Is A Dog From Hell' music video

Love Is A Dog From Hell (2013)

The Limousines

Director: Frank Door

Cimorelli 'Made In America' music video

Made In America (2013)


Director: Erik White

Venomous Maximus 'Moonchild' music video

Moonchild (2013)

Venomous Maximus

Director: Bryan Forrester

Caggie Dunlop 'Neverland' music video

Neverland (2013)

Caggie Dunlop

Director: Cybele Malinowski

Tich 'Obsession' music video

Obsession (2013)


Director: Rock Jacobs

The Growlers 'One Million Lovers' music video

One Million Lovers (2013)

The Growlers

Director: Taylor Bonin

Grooveroom 'Pe tine din nou' music video

Pe tine din nou (2013)


Aaron Paul 'PNP (Party N Play)' music video

PNP (Party N Play) (2013)

Aaron Paul

Sturgill Simpson 'Railroad of Sin' music video

Railroad of Sin (2013)

Sturgill Simpson

JJ Lawhorn 'Stomping Grounds' music video

Stomping Grounds (2013)

JJ Lawhorn

Director: Andy Kugler

Bridget Kelly 'Street Dreamin' music video

Street Dreamin (2013)

Bridget Kelly

Director: Clifton Bell

Slum Village 'Summer Breeze' music video

Summer Breeze (2013)

Slum Village

Lucy Schwartz 'Timekeeper' music video

Timekeeper (2013)

Lucy Schwartz

Director: Ethan Feldbau

Oberhofer 'Together/Never' music video

Together/Never (2013)


Director: Ian Perlman

Ducktails 'Under Cover' music video

Under Cover (2013)


Director: Charles Poekel

Odd-o-Matic 'Under the Knife' music video

Under the Knife (2013)


C-Kan 'Voy Por El Sueno de Muchos' music video

Voy Por El Sueno de Muchos (2013)