Lanterns On The Lake 'Another Tale From Another English Town' music video

Another Tale From Another English Town (2013)

Lanterns On The Lake

Director: James Alexander Grieves

Mixtapes 'Bad Parts' music video

Bad Parts (2013)


Reminor 'Black Earth' music video

Black Earth (2013)


Director: Artem Karsakov

Born Cages 'Caiti' music video

Caiti (2013)

Born Cages

Network 'Chocolate Milk' music video

Chocolate Milk (2013)


Echosmith 'Cool Kids' music video

Cool Kids (Version 1) (2013)


Director: Gus Black

Luke Bryan 'Crash My Party' music video

Crash My Party (2013)

Luke Bryan

Director: Shaun Silva

Bleached 'Dead In Your Head' music video

Dead In Your Head (2013)


Director: Lowlands, Steven Andrew Garcia

Emma 'Dimentico Tutto' music video

Dimentico Tutto (2013)


Director: Luca Tartaglia

CVIRO 'Faded' music video

Faded (2013)


Cristiles 'Forever' music video

Forever (2013)


Solar Year 'Global Girlfriend' music video

Global Girlfriend (2013)

Solar Year

Joel Crouse 'If You Want Some' music video

If You Want Some (2013)

Joel Crouse

Greta 'L'estate' music video

L'estate (2013)


Director: Ludovico Galletti, Sami Schinaia

Serengeti 'Laser Tag' music video

Laser Tag (2013)


Soul Square 'One Time' music video

One Time (2013)

Soul Square

Director: Julien Martorell, Quentin Garabedian

PSquare 'Personally' music video

Personally (2013)


Sylwia Grzeszczak 'Pozyczony' music video

Pozyczony (2013)

Sylwia Grzeszczak

Meg 'Promemoria' music video

Promemoria (M + A Remix) (2013)


All Year Summer 'Rock Out' music video

Rock Out (2013)

All Year Summer

Director: Robert Dume

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound 'Rouse Yourself' music video

Rouse Yourself (2013)

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

Ian Erix 'Sex, Dance and Rock & Roll (Lose It) (Dan's Kitchen Remix)' music video

Sex, Dance and Rock & Roll (Lose It) (Dan's Kitchen Remix) (2013)

Ian Erix

Edward Lewis 'Something's Gone' music video

Something's Gone (2013)

Edward Lewis

The Paper Kites 'St Clarity' music video

St Clarity (2013)

The Paper Kites

Director: Natasha Pincus

Skylar Grey 'The Grizzly Diaries' music video

The Grizzly Diaries (2013)

Skylar Grey

El Sportivo & The Blooz 'The Night's So Cold' music video

The Night's So Cold (2013)

El Sportivo & The Blooz

Wrekonize 'Tom Hanks' music video

Tom Hanks (2013)


Director: Wrekonize

Zoxea 'Tout dans la tête (Meurtr'rap)' music video

Tout dans la tête (Meurtr'rap) (2013)


Booba 'Turfu' music video

Turfu (2013)


Director: Chris Macari

Robyn 'U Should Know Better' music video

U Should Know Better (2013)


Director: Decida

Ice Prince 'VIP' music video

VIP (2013)

Ice Prince

Paradise Fears 'What Are You Waiting For?' music video

What Are You Waiting For? (2013)

Paradise Fears

Director: Eric McCoy

Cro 'Whatever' music video

Whatever (2013)


Director: Ramon Rigoni

Georgie Porgie 'Yea Yea Yea' music video

Yea Yea Yea (2013)

Georgie Porgie