Paramore 'Anklebiters' music video

Anklebiters (2013)


Director: Jordan Bruner

Sivu 'Bodies' music video

Bodies (2013)


M.I.A. 'Bring The Noize' music video

Bring The Noize (Version 1) (2013)


Director: Ben Newman

Thomas Dybdahl 'But We Did' music video

But We Did (2013)

Thomas Dybdahl

Seven Witches 'Claustrophobic' music video

Claustrophobic (2013)

Seven Witches

Real Lies 'Deeper' music video

Deeper (2013)

Real Lies

Slander 'Device' music video

Device (2013)


Flux Pavilion 'Do Or Die' music video

Do Or Die (2013)

Flux Pavilion

Director: Bryan Schlam

Animal City 'Drummer Sister' music video

Drummer Sister (2013)

Animal City

Locrian 'Eternal Return' music video

Eternal Return (2013)


Casey Veggies 'Everything Wavy' music video

Everything Wavy (2013)

Casey Veggies

Director: Mike Carson, Mike Waxx

J.Viewz 'Far Too Close' music video

Far Too Close (2013)


Prodigy 'Give 'Em Hell' music video

Give 'Em Hell (2013)


Director: Shomi Patwary

Destructo 'Higher' music video

Higher (2013)


Director: Agata Alexander

The Reminders 'If You Didn't Know' music video

If You Didn't Know (2013)

The Reminders

Director: Nathan Letteer

Queen Kwong 'Ike Turner' music video

Ike Turner (2013)

Queen Kwong

Duck Sauce 'It's You' music video

It's You (2013)

Duck Sauce

Director: Philip Andelman

The Weeknd 'Kiss Land' music video

Kiss Land (2013)

The Weeknd

Director: Andrew Baird

Hausu 'Kool Off' music video

Kool Off (2013)


Etienne Daho 'L'année du dragon' music video

L'année du dragon (2013)

Etienne Daho

SHO 'Live 4 Da Moment' music video

Live 4 Da Moment (2013)


Tesla Boy 'M.C.H.T.E' music video

M.C.H.T.E (piano: deep forest version) (2013)

Tesla Boy

Ivy Levan 'Money' music video

Money (2013)

Ivy Levan

Director: Daniel Carberry

Wrekonize 'Neon Skies' music video

Neon Skies (2013)


Director: Jokes

Cyberpunkers 'Ogre's ballad' music video

Ogre's ballad (2013)


Cyril Hahn 'Perfect form' music video

Perfect form (2013)

Cyril Hahn

Natalia Kills 'Problem' music video

Problem (2013)

Natalia Kills

Director: Natalia Kills, Guillaume Doubet

Bloc Party 'Ratchet' music video

Ratchet (2013)

Bloc Party

Director: cyriak

Phonat 'Ride The Prejudice' music video

Ride The Prejudice (2013)


Lemuria (3) 'Scienceless' music video

Scienceless (2013)


SOil 'Shine On' music video

Shine On (2013)


Block 125 'Shoot First' music video

Shoot First (2013)

Block 125

Braainzz 'Sirens of Titan' music video

Sirens of Titan (2013)


Ally 'Sole di festa' music video

Sole di festa (2013)


Mood Rings 'The Line' music video

The Line (2013)

Mood Rings

Director: Grant Worth

Garfunkel and Oates 'The Loophole' music video

The Loophole (2013)

Garfunkel and Oates

Director: Riki Lindhome

Deer Tick 'The Rock' music video

The Rock (2013)

Deer Tick

Director: Colin Devin Moore

All Dinosaurs 'Tight Rope' music video

Tight Rope (2013)

All Dinosaurs

Zaho 'Tout est pareil' music video

Tout est pareil (2013)


Lloyd 'Twerk Off' music video

Twerk Off (2013)


Director: Anthony Supreme

Popcaan 'Unruly Rave' music video

Unruly Rave (2013)


Be Like Pablo 'Without The Pain' music video

Without The Pain (2013)

Be Like Pablo