Spectrals 'A Heartbeat Behind' music video

A Heartbeat Behind (2013)


Onuinu 'Always Awkward' music video

Always Awkward (2013)


Bright Light Bright Light 'An Open Heart' music video

An Open Heart (2013)

Bright Light Bright Light

Director: Gavin Leisfield

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros 'Better Days' music video

Better Days (2013)

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Director: Michele Civetta

Mister Smith 'Bittersweet' music video

Bittersweet (2013)

Mister Smith

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! 'Bones' music video

Bones (2013)

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!

Arthur Beatrice 'Carter' music video

Carter (2013)

Arthur Beatrice

Director: Kate Moross

French Horn Rebellion 'Dancing Out' music video

Dancing Out (2013)

French Horn Rebellion

Anna von Hausswolff 'Deathbed' music video

Deathbed (2013)

Anna von Hausswolff

Director: Maria von Hausswolff

Uncut Diamondz 'E.T.' music video

E.T. (2013)

Uncut Diamondz

I The Mighty 'Failures' music video

Failures (2013)

I The Mighty

Director: Ernie Gilbert

Bishop Nehru 'Fickle Mind$' music video

Fickle Mind$ (2013)

Bishop Nehru

HazeMunny 'Get Em' music video

Get Em (2013)


Snakadaktal 'Ghost' music video

Ghost (2013)


The Lonely Island 'Go Kindergarten' music video

Go Kindergarten (2013)

The Lonely Island

Director: Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone

Bliss n Eso 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' music video

Home Is Where The Heart Is (2013)

Bliss n Eso

Fat Tony 'Hood Party' music video

Hood Party (2013)

Fat Tony

Director: Ryan Muir

Kangen Band 'Ijab Kabul' music video

Ijab Kabul (2013)

Kangen Band

Space Knife 'Im Taking Off (Shield your Eyes)' music video

Im Taking Off (Shield your Eyes) (2013)

Space Knife

Director: Craig Johnson

Ben Pol 'Jikubali' music video

Jikubali (2013)

Ben Pol

Alexander Von Mehren 'La Chanson De Douche' music video

La Chanson De Douche (2013)

Alexander Von Mehren

DeLooze 'Lost Army' music video

Lost Army (2013)


The White Mandingos 'My First White Girl' music video

My First White Girl (2013)

The White Mandingos

Young Galaxy 'New Summer' music video

New Summer (2013)

Young Galaxy

Director: Ivan Grbovic

Imperial Teen 'No Matter What You Say' music video

No Matter What You Say (2013)

Imperial Teen

Director: Guy Franklin, John Gavin

Koncept 'Oh Baby (J57 Remix)' music video

Oh Baby (J57 Remix) (2013)


Black Atlass 'Paris' music video

Paris (2013)

Black Atlass

Director: Paul Labonté

Blue Hawaii (2) 'Reaction II' music video

Reaction II (2013)

Blue Hawaii

U.G.L.Y. 'REDD' music video

REDD (2013)


Willow 'Remedy' music video

Remedy (2013)


Iamsu! 'Rep That Gang' music video

Rep That Gang (2013)


Director: HBK GADGET

Rikard Wolff 'Röda Luftballong' music video

Röda Luftballong (2013)

Rikard Wolff

Vanesa Martín 'Ropa desordenada' music video

Ropa desordenada (2013)

Vanesa Martín

Coez 'Siamo Morti Insieme' music video

Siamo Morti Insieme (2013)


Director: Federico Cangianiello

Childhood 'Solemn Skies' music video

Solemn Skies (2013)


Director: Tabitha Denholm

Church Of Void 'Son Of A Witch' music video

Son Of A Witch (2013)

Church Of Void

Redinho 'Stinger' music video

Stinger (2013)


Simple Plan 'Summer Paradise' music video

Summer Paradise (2013)

Simple Plan

Clockwork 'Surge' music video

Surge (2013)


The Uncluded 'The Aquarium' music video

The Aquarium (2013)

The Uncluded

Director: Rob Shaw

NORE 'The Problem (Lawwwddd)' music video

The Problem (Lawwwddd) (2013)


Amorphis 'The Wanderer' music video

The Wanderer (2013)


Poliça 'Tiff' music video

Tiff (2013)


Director: Nabil, Mike Piscitelli

Genasis 'Touchdown' music video

Touchdown (2013)


Director: Jonathan Andrade

Hebronix 'Viral' music video

Viral (2013)


Alice Boman 'Waiting' music video

Waiting (2013)

Alice Boman

Director: Jesper Berg

MØ 'Waste Of Time' music video

Waste Of Time (2013)

Skylar Grey 'Wear Me Out' music video

Wear Me Out (2013)

Skylar Grey

Director: Isaac Rentz