Alela Diane 'About Farewell' music video

About Farewell (2013)

Alela Diane

Director: Michael Palmieri

Kid Ink 'Almost Home (Freestyle)' music video

Almost Home (Freestyle) (2013)

Kid Ink

Director: Holla At Gil

AM & Shawn Lee 'Automatic' music video

Automatic (2013)

AM & Shawn Lee

The Group C4 'Blackout' music video

Blackout (2013)

The Group C4

Decapitated 'Carnival Is Forever' music video

Carnival Is Forever (2013)


Forever The Sickest Kids 'Count on Me (For Nothing)' music video

Count on Me (For Nothing) (2013)

Forever The Sickest Kids

Basshunter 'Crash & Burn' music video

Crash & Burn (2013)


Adian Coker 'Cream' music video

Cream (2013)

Adian Coker

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Despair' music video

Despair (2013)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Director: Patrick Daughters

The Word Alive 'Entirety' music video

Entirety (2013)

The Word Alive

Disclosure 'F For You' music video

F For You (Version 1) (2013)


Director: Ben Murray, Ross McDowell, Bullion Collective

Dean Blunt 'Felony / Stalker 7' music video

Felony / Stalker 7 (2013)

Dean Blunt

As They Burn 'Frozen Vision' music video

Frozen Vision (2013)

As They Burn

B. Smyth 'Gettin' That' music video

Gettin' That (2013)

B. Smyth

Director: Constellation Jones

Yonas 'Girls of Summer' music video

Girls of Summer (2013)


The Black Dahlia Murder 'Goat Of Departure' music video

Goat Of Departure (2013)

The Black Dahlia Murder

Director: Ben Mayer

Jesse Woods 'Gold In The Air' music video

Gold In The Air (2013)

Jesse Woods

Director: Matt Grote

The Loomis Fargo Gang 'Hazy, Lazy, Blue' music video

Hazy, Lazy, Blue (2013)

The Loomis Fargo Gang

Wilkinson 'Heartbeat' music video

Heartbeat (2013)


Phoenix Martins 'Heartstrings' music video

Heartstrings (2013)

Phoenix Martins

Itch 'Homeless Romantic' music video

Homeless Romantic (2013)


Ellery James Roberts '' music video (2013)

Ellery James Roberts

Maria Mena 'I Always Liked That' music video

I Always Liked That (2013)

Maria Mena

Dirty Beaches 'I Dream in Neon' music video

I Dream in Neon (2013)

Dirty Beaches

Jencarlos Canela 'I Love It' music video

I Love It (2013)

Jencarlos Canela

Director: Daniel Duran

Jenny Hval 'Innocence Is Kinky' music video

Innocence Is Kinky (2013)

Jenny Hval

Director: Zia Anger

Jesse & Joy 'La de la Mala Suerte' music video

La de la Mala Suerte (2013)

Jesse & Joy

Vic + Gab 'Let You Down' music video

Let You Down (2013)

Vic + Gab

D-Pryde 'Lifted' music video

Lifted (2013)


Director: Nicolas Heller

Fanis Tziastas 'Mavra Gialia' music video

Mavra Gialia (2013)

Fanis Tziastas

Rich P 'New Slaves' music video

New Slaves (2013)

Rich P

Emmelie de Forest 'Only Teardrops' music video

Only Teardrops (2013)

Emmelie de Forest

Director: Michael Sauer Christensen

Herb Alpert 'Puttin' On The Ritz' music video

Puttin' On The Ritz (2013)

Herb Alpert

Director: Glenn Kaino, NappyTabs, Afshin Shahidi

J-Dub 'Queen' music video

Queen (2013)


iSH 'Rollin'' music video

Rollin' (2013)


Stolen Babies 'Second Sleep' music video

Second Sleep (2013)

Stolen Babies

Lilacs & Champagne 'Sensations' music video

Sensations (2013)

Lilacs & Champagne

The Last Vegas 'She's My Confusion' music video

She's My Confusion (2013)

The Last Vegas

Bosse 'So oder So' music video

So oder So (2013)


Hurts 'Somebody To Die For' music video

Somebody To Die For (2013)


Director: Frank Borin

Gwen Sebastian 'Suitcase' music video

Suitcase (2013)

Gwen Sebastian

Lorde 'Tennis Court' music video

Tennis Court (2013)


Director: Joel Kefali

MAESA 'The Fall' music video

The Fall (2013)


Nuk Official 'Truth' music video

Truth (2013)

Nuk Official

Burning House 'Turn Off The Robot' music video

Turn Off The Robot (2013)

Burning House

Jarren Benton 'We On' music video

We On (2013)

Jarren Benton

Director: George Orozco