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Posted by Adam Alexander on January 27, 2014 in Lists

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Top Music Videos

Each week, FRINGE MUSIC FIX culls the latest music video releases, carefully selecting the most bizarre, provocative, and remarkable videos from all across the globe and from all genres of music.

The following are our selections for the week ending January 24th, 2014. Sit back, relax, and open your mind’s eye - things are about to get interesting.

There are lots of stylistic elements of a music video that instantly resonate with me. The use of colour is one of them. Any creative-type individuals can probably relate to this, and would also stress the impact of colours in their favourite videos. There have been many trends in the use of colours in music videos recently, from saturated vintage instagram-like finishes, monochromatic or black and white palettes, all the way through to bright bold neon colours accentuated by ultraviolet lights and inspired by the retro stylings of the 80s/90s.

Kyla La Grange’s music video for “Cut Your Teeth” falls into the last category, and it does so with boldness and distinction. I’ve not seen a video “pop” like this one in some time, and we’ve already had a few great ones released this year that fit this style, most notably Ellie Gouilding’s video for “Goodness Gracious." In addition to the superb colour choices, the video was also shot with a very sharp image, that looks phenomenal in HD. There are also several close up shots of both Kyla La Grange and the young girl, that serve to further enhance the video’s striking nature.

The loosely narrative video for “Cut Your Teeth” was directed by duo comprised of Elizabeth G. Adams & Deborah V.J. Scanlan, who operate under the company name De La Muerte Films. Perhaps as a nod to The Wizard Of Oz, the video features a young girl accompanied by her canine friend who stumbles upon a magical world of wonder which is in fact just one single room. In this room, we find an inspired scene filled with neon decor and a plethora of toys ranging from dolls to rubber fish. In the centre of the room, we find beautiful songstress Kyla La Grange, accompanied by two backup dancers. All three are dressed in brightly coloured skeleton themed clothing with beautifully executed makeup to match.

“Cut Your Teeth” is a vibrant, exciting and stylistic music video that should appeal to fans of pop and retro enthusiasts..

Isaac Ravishankara directs the dreamy music video for “I Need $ / So Leave," which is comprised of two songs from the band’s excellent album, _Shulamith_. The video stars Poliça’s own frontwoman Channy Leaneagh, who portrays a maid longing for a fresh start.

The video opens with The Maid taking a pregnancy test, to which we never discover the result. Based on the rest of the narrative though, I’d speculate she learns she is not pregnant, much to her relief. As the carefully executed tale unfolds, we find that The Maid is quite skilled at her daily duties making beds and cleaning rooms, but that she may seek escape from her life of mediocrity and repetition.

When she finds a woman asleep in a room who bares a striking physical resemblance to her self, she instantly sees an out. As a clever aside, the sleeping woman is likely an electronic rock musician, as she lays sleeping next to an open laptop and a guitar - a lifestyle that parallels Leaneagh’s own. Perhaps, like many musicians, Leaneagh went through a moment of realization much like her characters does in the video.

As the video concludes, The Maid steals the sleeping woman’s clothing, replacing it with her maid’s uniform. As she slowly makes her way down the city streets, we feel a weight has been lifted from her and she is at peace. She has found her destiny.

The Black Lips and directors Matt Swinsky/The ATL Twins (Perhaps best known for their appearances in _Spring Breakers_ and who I recommend googling immediately if you are not familiar with them), take us on an absolutely batshit crazy trip to the woods where heavy drug use and ultra violence ensue.

Some of the things you can anticipate seeing (or might want to unsee), include an extreme wedgie, graphic beatings (including one involving a baseball bat and some dude’s skull), a huge ass bonfire, bros giving each other a coffin sponge bath, strippers wearing creepy masks, and of course, the run of the mill cliche of some poor masked sap getting their face pissed on.

It’s a darkly funny, unsettlingm and absolutely unforgettable outing that definitely stood out amongst this week’s releases. If any of this sounds like something you might enjoy, I urge you to watch. Just make sure granny and the kids are asleep.

Anyone familiar with Swedish electro pop act iamamiwhoami will gladly verify that the group does mystery better than anyone else. From their original enigmatic secret identity, to their unorthodox marketing and spontaneous music series releases, iamamiwhoami have had us guessing right out of the gates.

Much to the excitement of the band’s cult following (myself included) the act revealed an image on their facebook and twitter accounts on January 17th which would set forth a rampant viral campaign. At least in my circles of the web, this photo would become even more prevalent and frequently shared than photos of Bieber or Rob Ford shenanigans. The cryptic photograph included frontwoman Jonna Lee posing in front of a waterfall, dressed in white, with the title “Fountain” written on the the image. Little else was revealed about the photo, but fans speculated we would soon receive new music from the act.

Only a few days later, the fans proved to be correct when on January 21st we received the magnificent music video for a brand new track entitled “Fountain." As one familiar with the group’s videos might expect, it features the captivating Jonna Lee dressed in a handful of strange outfits - sometimes wrapped in plastic - while performing her trademark style of left field dance choreography and eerie camera mugging.

The video also features some breathtakingly beautiful panoramic shots of the ocean at sunset that must be seen to be believed. Once again exploring the parallels between nature and technology, iamamiwhoami have released not only one of the week’s finest videos, but they’ve also once again succeeded at employing viral marketing to increase the popularity and relevance of their craft. Here’s to hoping “Fountain” is the first in what will become their third music video series preceding “bounty” and “kin."

Every so often, a video emerges from the furthest regions of the world and garners everyone’s attention despite language and cultural barriers, resulting in impressive view counts that rival even those of the most common popular North American artists.

Hungarian pop artist Boggie released one such video on Monday, striking a chord with viewers everywhere with her honest and visually impressive music video for “Nouveau Parfum."

While fashion videos and photography comparing untouched visuals to those edited in Photoshop or similar applications have become quite commonplace, it’s never quite been executed in this way - a sort of real time live action photo editing session through which Boggie performs her infectious track which is not coincidentally, about appearance and beauty.

As best I can figure, the video is part post processing special effects and part actual makeup and wigs, later cut by a skilled editor to give the appearance of being edited on the fly.

It’s a strong conceptual video that has drawn me back for repeated viewings both based on the execution and the strength of the song. This is the video you really want to share this week. Boggie and her crew deserve some household name status for “Nouveau Parfum.”

Honorable Mentions

Bibio - Dye The Water Green

British Sea Power - A Light Above Descending

Chorus Grant - O Everyone

Crystal Bats - Falling In Love

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Disclosure - F For You (Ft. Mary J. Blige)

EMA - Satellites

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Feadz - Metaman

Future Islands - Seasons

Holly Herndon - Chorus

The Jezabels - Look Of Love

Kwabs - Wrong Or Right

Kwes. - Rollerblades

Marissa Nadler - Dead City Emily

Pyramid Vritra - Tea And Lemonade

Sun Glitters - Only You

Superfood - TV

TCTS - These Heights

Temples - Mesmerise

Tensnake - Love Sublime

Young & Sick - Magnolia

If you think we’ve missed something great please share it with us comments below. If you’ve enjoyed what you see here, be sure to visit us on facebook and on twitter or more great videos!

top 5 music videos of the week

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