AA's Top 10 Music Vids of 2015

Posted by Andrea Allen on December 30, 2015 in Lists

Contributor Post

Choosing my top 10 music videos of 2015 was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The process was basically navigating through my Vimeo Likes and listening to my gut. When I'd come across a music video that I couldn't help but watch all the way through again, I added it to my top ten album. I'm the type of viewer that wants to watch a video again and again. These are the videos I want to watch forever.

Favorite of the year: “CLOSE YOUR EYES” | Run The Jewels directed by AG Rojas

So powerful and consistently surprising. You can enjoy it for the performances alone but it's much more satisfying to think about the social commentary. There are lots of ways artists can hold a mirror up to society, but AG puts on a masterclass with this video.

Runner Up: Sia - Elastic Heart directed by Daniel Askill

I was not a fan of Shia Leboeuf until this video turned me into one. The choreography is so emotive and enthralling and perfectly captures the struggle and synchrony between two aspects of a single personality. Something I think everyone can understand on a deeper level.

Special shout out to STROMAE / QUAND C’EST by Xavier Reye

The song is beautiful. The blur of reality and CG work is so effing on point.

Most fun - Boy Racers by David Wilson


The rest are in no particular order, but are all worthy of a watch and a Like if you ask me!

Thanks to all the hardworking directors, crew, producers, and actors who make such beautiful, inspiring videos for us to enjoy. You make me super happy and motivated to keep working hard to make Vimeo the best home for your videos.

<3 AA

Andrea Allen is a frequent guest host of the IMVDb podcast, ex-lifeguard, Kansas City Chiefs fan, and filmmaker.

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