Fashion How-To's As Taught To Us By Fiona Apple's "Every Single Night" Music Video

Posted by Jessica Louise Dye on April 23, 2014 in Fashion

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1.) Anything animal. And I’m not talking animal print. I mean, wrap yourself in something still breathing, crawling, and preferably slimy. Put an octopus on your head. Call it a hat. Braid its’ tentacles into your hair. Bedazzle snails to your arms or on your finger nails like a manicure. It’s sure to be the talk of any red carpet event.

2.) Dress Slips. If it’s meant to go under another garment, just leave it exposed. Layer several pastel slips of varying sizes. Get crazy and put on a few lace bras underneath just to have extra visible straps. Don’t worry about the fit, keep it all loose and baggy. Pro styling tip - pair with floral hosiery!

3.) Milk Maid. Velvet bodices, lace corsets, and floor length petticoats. Drape yourself in fabric. Engulf your little arms in thick, lace, ruffle sleeves. Drag the bottom of your dress on the ground behind you. Keep bra straps visible and avoid a plunging neckline - disheveled modesty is key. For a truly pastoral-gone-victorian vibe, add sheer white gloves.

4.) Metalic. Again, Fionna is obsessed with oversized fitting items. This seems to be the trick to pulling off any of the looks from this video, buy garments that are as ill-fitting as possible. I love the mens-blazer-meets-boxing-robe-meets-flame-retardant aesthetic of her gold lamé jacket. Pro styling tip - make sure you are feeling super dark and moody while attempting this look. Walk over the Williamsburg Bridge pouting, stopping every twenty feet to look out over the East River in despair.

5.) Hula girl. When all else fails, pull out your shell bikini top and grass skirt. Miss Apple teaches us that it’s not better to be over dressed, rather, it’s best to be over costumed. Somehow, she manages to look more normal as hip shaking hula doll than she does in a t-shirt in jeans.

Jessica Louise Dye is a writer and musician living in NYC. You can find her here.

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