FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (5/4)

Posted by Adam Alexander on May 4, 2014 in Lists

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Each week, FRINGE MUSIC FIX culls the latest music video releases, carefully selecting the most bizarre, provocative, and remarkable videos from across the world.

Sit back, relax, and open your mind’s eye; things are about to get interesting. The following are our selections for the week ending May 4th, 2014.

Montreal outfit Seoul and director Mackenzie Sheppard have released a calm cinematic visual for “White Morning." The video stars Louïs Rault, whom you may recognize from Megaforce’s controversial music video for Is Tropical's “Dancing Anymore." Through the use of subtle special effects, the video is given a dreamlike quality that helps set the tone. The video explores the connections two people can share with one another. "White Morning" was shot in Japan, where Mackenzie Sheppard resides.

Not unlike their recently released music video for “Coffee,” Sylvan Esso and Remedy have created a dance-centric music video for “Play It Right." The video makes great use lighting and excellent dance moves to accentuate the song’s throbbing synths and hard hitting electronic beats.

For “Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)," Tom Vek recruits director PAXI to create a fast paced and energetic video to accompany his equally lively track. The video is shot in the eerily lit London's Town Hall hotel where Vek is joined by models who share his penchant for acting peculiar.

Director Paul Jung offers a vibrant and unique music video for Emily King's smooth single, “Distance." Employing a split screen effect and bold contrasting colours, we are presented with scenes of King singing and other assorted odd activities executed in slow motion. Regardless of the significance of the video’s scenarios, it’s a visceral and eye popping 4 minutes and one of this weeks finest music videos.

Like their last project, the music video for Dream Koala’s “Odyssey,” directing team Les Gentils Garçons & Fabulous have fabricated an unforgettable and gorgeous computer rendered visual for SomethingALaMode’s “On My Mind." The video reveals its central characters to be a beautiful female archer and a solemn man who are seemingly separated by both geography and gravity.


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