The Top 10 Music Video GIFs of All Time (Part 2)

Posted by Doug Klinger on September 18, 2012 in Lists

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psy gangnam style gif

Do you guys remember when we posted our first "The Top 10 Music Video GIFs of All Time" blog a few months ago? Those days were great. Oh, the memories. But, rather than dwell in the past, we look ahead to the future… and specifically, to part two of our "The Top 10 Music Video GIFs of All Time" series! 

10. Jennifer's Jars Explode
Jennifer lopez gif

We love this whole Jennifer Lopez video, but out favorite moments are the subtle blasts of color throughout. I one time heard a dude say "It's cool stuff like this that set Ace Norton videos apart." That dude was me.

9. Kimbra Gives Zero Fucks
gotye gif

This Gotye video is one of the most popular around, and it might have a lot to do with Kimbra's shoulders and back and nakedness. Directed by Natasha Pincus.

8. Not What She Expected
Cochon Ville gif

A lot of unexpected stuff happens in this Alex Courtes directed Sébastien Tellier music video, ya know, like guns and sex and gun sex.  

7. PSY Aggressively Mugs For the Camera
psy gangnam style gif

PSY is everywhere these days, including this best of list. Also, will SOMEONE figure out who directed this video?!

6. A Weird Looking Dog in a Wig
shins gif

So, the dog in this video from The Shins is actually super cute, but this gif makes it look super weird. We thank Hiro for putting this wig on it.

5. Frank Ocean is Talented and Popular
frank ocean gif

Everyone likes Frank Ocean right now. They also like the work of Nabil. We're part of everyone, so here is this gif.

4. DOOM Come Out of No Where

The gifs from this JJ DOOM video are really sweet because Ninian Doff's effects are really sweet. Even if DOOM ended up being an imposter, the gifs would have been great.

3. An Old Man Dances
2 chainz gif

This Andreas Nilsson directed video is so gif-worthy that this list could have easily been all 2 Chainz gifs. Maybe next time. 

2. Strippers
diplo gif

The strippers in this Diplo video are probably super rich from doing all their stripper tricks. I'm glad Ryan Staake could afford them.

1. PSY is Everywhere
psy gif

Oh look, it's PSY again, making another appearance. He really IS everywhere. 

diplo gif, gangnam style gif, psy gif, set if off gif

Doug Klinger is the co-founder/content director of IMVDb and watches more music videos than anyone on earth. You can find him on twitter at @doug_klinger.

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