Cool New Music Video: Hunger by Pekko

Posted by Caleb Jackson on February 5, 2016

Contributor Post

Here at IMVDB, we love to watch videos that go above and beyond promoting the artist’s track by way of visual accompaniment. This new video for Pekko's Hunger really pushed the art form, and got us really excited for a groundbreaking year of quality work.

The narrative for Hunger takes place in Helsinki, the home of director Anton Tammi, and it seems obvious, in that he has an in-depth knowledge of the filming locations- the sheer amount contained in this project is amazing, but the conjunction with good cinematography and camera work made for such an incredible video. I loved that there was such a diversity of material, and the camera almost never stayed still. 

In addition to the quality camera work, locations, and wardrobe styling, the editing and visual effects drove the project forward- The opening shot really set the tone of the video by showing all of the characters climbing a ladder to a clocktower, set behind a bright sunset gradient. There were some really interesting effects applied to the shots, and were a welcome addition to the experience. The experimental effects lasted all the way until the end, and packed in a boatload of eye-candy, including the colorful textures that opened and closed the video. Those sequences of blue and red smoke respectively seemed to function as visual overture, and perhaps harkened to the art-crime masterpiece Blue Velvet.

In an interview with VOTD, Tammi describes the process of conceptualizing this project- he and Pekko had common interest in B movie trailers-The old school shock value marketing techniques really shine through to create a unique and intense feeling- I love the way this video uses those elements and mixes with those of  experimental short films. The finished product comes out lightning fast, giving scattered glimpses into the characters' interactions, still maintains a beginning, middle and end.

Anton Tammi only has a few videos out, but all of them are beyond amazing, and totally unique from each other. Admittedly, Hunger was my introduction into his catalog, but I was immediately interested in his style. He goes from a cerebral kung-fu video for a metal band, to a VFX driven 80’s goth performance video to an experimental project with scorpions and crabs, to this crime-art masterpiece.  I’m really watching this guy closely now, especially after he implied another collaboration with Pekko this year. (See interview above) I’m hoping they have a long winded relationship, similar to the one Aphex Twin had with Chris Cunningham

Caleb Jackson is a Tucson native, Los Angeles based writer and director who spends his time pretending he lives in any decade besides this one. He tends to enjoy music videos with a little bit of narrative and a lot of bright colorful lights.

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