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Posted by Chris Black on August 25, 2014 in Event Coverage

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  • What's gucci my hittas?!?!

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? I didn't. I mean...if Yeezy ain't there, then why bother?

Here's my recap of the VMA's...

First of, shout out to Jackson Hunt for winning Best Cinematography for Beyonce's, "Pretty Hurts". The video looks good and he certainly did the damn thang

Speaking of the soon-to-be Beyonce Knowles-Black, she won a Video Vanguard award. There's no one more deserving of it, especially when you consider the fact that she dropped a video for EVERY track on her last album. Jay and Blue Ivy presented her with the award which means things are going alright in the Carter-Knowles household, but I'm patient. 



Was anyone else disappointed that Blue Ivy didn't spit any bars?

Now I'm sure there were some pretty great moments throughout the evening, but this is THEE greatest moment:

Nicki Minaj performed her new single Anaconda last night. If you missed it...

Give me a minute...

Lawd have mercy! Apparently Nicki's performance is being compared to Miley Cyrus' performance last year. You remember...

But let's be clear folks...




For obvious reasons.

And speaking of Miley, she won Video of the Year for "Wrecking Ball". I personally think Drunk In Love should have won. Not because it's my future wife or because Hype Wiliams directed it, but I think Drunk In Love has a bigger cultural impact than Wrecking Ball. Sure, Wrecking Ball has been parodied dozens of times, but not only has Drunk In Love inspired chicks around the nation to do the dance Beyonce does, but there's no place you could go without someone saying, "surfbordt". Which brings me to my next point...

The VMA's are solely about pop culture trends. It's 99% about the artist and their reach and less about the directors. MTV doesn't owe directors anything. I think it's silly when directors complain about the treatment they receive from MTV. It's not aboutcha'bruh! 

My favorite LOL-worthy moment from the VMA's this year was Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift loves to dance. When she's in attendance at award shows, she's guaranteed to cut a rug. This year, she was caught on camera dancing to Wiz Khalifa's "Black And Yellow".

Get it gurl!

I'mma help her out. Time for a...


You're welcome Taylor.

And lastly, Best Hip-Hop Video award went to Drake for Hold On, We're Going Home, which is think is a total sham! Hiro Murai should have won for 3005. 3005 is a much better video on many levels, but like I said, VMA's are more about cultural relevancy than anything and who's more culturally relevant...Drake or Childish Gambino? Thought so.

Well folks, that's my time. Just remember that Beyonce runs the VMA's no matter what year, past or present, album or not. You can hate all you want but...

Black, out.

Chris Black is a music video director and producer. He's got the cool of Zack Morris with Mr. Belding's haircut. He's highly intellexual and hella urban. When he's not talking about rap, he's discussing the music video form. He's got Alfalfa dreams, but Buckwheat realities. Check him out on twitter (@theblack) or peep his website (

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