FRINGE MUSIC FIX's Weekly Top 5 (10/12)

Posted by Adam Alexander on October 12, 2014 in Lists

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Each week, FRINGE MUSIC FIX culls the latest music video releases, carefully selecting the most bizarre, provocative, and remarkable videos from across the world.

Sit back, relax, and open your mind’s eye; things are about to get interesting. The following are our selections for the week ending October 12th, 2014.

Son Lux has released a deeply dark black and white video for his exceptional track "Easy," taken from his 2013 album, "Lanterns."  The artful yet disturbing video explores BDSM, and should be considered both NSFW and yield a trigger warning for those sensitive to themes of assault towards women. The video was directed by David Terry Fine.

Jared Eberhardt directs the surreal spinning music video for King Tuff's raucous garage rock single, "Black Moon Spell," from their recently released album of the same name. The impressive visual makes creative use of all the imagery we'd expect to see in a classic hard rock video: guitars, amps, skulls, head banging, beautiful women in Gothic evening wear, and black leather - lots of black leather.

Hailing from Sweden, GOAT are an enigmatic cult-like musical group veiled by a unique lore and an ever changing roster of talented musicians. As the band's publicity states, the village of Korpilombolo, from which the group originates, is not only privy to individuals who can conjure up epic psychedelic tribal rock, but also partake in voodoo worship on a regular basis. With that in mind, the otherworldly Sam Macon-directed video for "Hide From The Sun" makes perfect sense, both aesthetically and thematically. In the video, a woman is pursued through the forest by lavishly costumed creatures, think "Where The Wild Things Are," only creepier. Through a series of vignettes, both animated and live action, the woman eventually overcomes all obstacles to ascend the ranks and rightfully claim the kingdom throne.

Seemingly appearing overnight, Ryn Weaver has quickly made her way onto the radars of pop enthusiasts across the globe. Released only a few months ago, her first single, "OctaHate," was crafted with assistance by Charli XCX, Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit), Cashmere Cat, and Benny Blanco. The whimsical and colourful single now has a fitting visual to match it. Ryn Weaver is given a perfect opportunity to put a face to her name, and with a performance that's equal parts sexy as it is funny, she clearly has as much star power in front of the camera as she does in the studio. Also landing a memorable performance is the young girl cast in the video, who it seems is meant to represent a younger version of Wyn. It's rare to see a pop artist have their career launched so quickly and effortlessly, but I'm confident that Ryn Weaver is not a fly-by-night success. If the quality of her craft remains consistent with "OctaHate," she'll have some serious staying power.

"Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" marks the third music video collaboration between director Hiro Murai and Childish Gambino, and their fifth collaboration overall. In December, the duo released the apocalyptic Ferris wheel themed, "3005." This past Spring, they joined forces once again for the magnificent music video for "Sweatpants," which was set in a Diner slowly and peculiarly inhabited by Donald Glover clones. This week, the video for "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" was dropped. The track is taken from Childish Gambino's underrated album, "Because the Internet." As is the case with any Hiro Murai-helmed visual, "Telegraph Ave" was immediately met with acclaim, both from fans and critics alike. Co-starring R&B star, Jhene Aiko, who portrays Donald's romantic interest, the video follows the couple on their romantic endeavours on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, which is also the title of Childish Gambino's newest EP. Kauai was released this week, and is currently ranking very high on the Billboard charts. The video is beautifully shot and would already be very impressive even without the video's surprising closing moments. Patient viewers will be rewarded with an unexpected and exciting conclusion that will send them back for another look.

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