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Everybody loves a big, flashy, traditional hip-hop video. Literally, everybody. But when you really think about it, sometimes it’s more fun to watch a dark, twisted, unexpected hip-hop video, like “Ashley” by Big Sean. Directed by Ellis Bahl, “Ashley” features two sex-crazed kidnappers who abduct Big Sean and bring him… Read More

You guys want to know the definition of not giving a fuck? Not giving a fuck is violently kidnapping rapper Big Sean by first trying to rub chloroform on his face, failing, and then straight up just bashing him on the head with a thing to knock him out. You… Read More

"Gold" by Sir Sly is one of those stories that can only really be told in music video format. It features a man who wakes up outside an abandoned house and goes looking for a mysterious person inside, culminating in an ending that, according to director Ellis Bahl, should make you… Read More

In "This Is What It Feels Like," we find BANKS seductively performing in a house as a storm brews outside. As the storm moves past the windows, the lighting in each room shifts and shadows from the raindrops move along the walls. BANKS, as always, is almost impossibly beautiful in… Read More

There have been plenty of songs and music videos about relationship troubles. However, not many of those videos take the approach that Ellis Bahl took for the video for "The War" by Josh Record, where the troubles are reflected not only in Josh’s performance, but in the atmosphere and actions… Read More

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