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"Dead Eye" by Middle Class Rut, the band’s fourth video collaboration with director Lance Drake, focuses on the members of the band traveling across the south of Alaska on foot, by ship, and in the back of a pickup truck. The video features some fantastic shots of Alaska, some which… Read More

Last month, director Lance Drake and Five Knives introduced us to the most badass kid of all time through their music video for "The Future." The 4'11" ass-kicker goes by the name of Dallas Liu and is described by stunt coordinator Mindy Kelly as the future of "tricking," a extreme form of… Read More

Middle Class Rut and director Lance Drake - the team behind "Aunt Betty," one of the best and most twisted music videos of the year – is back again with "Dead Eye," a docu-narrative video shot in Alaska that is basically the opposite of "Aunt Betty." The video, which features… Read More

Have you ever wanted to meet the most badass kid of all time? Well, then you’re in luck, because I’m pretty sure we found him starring in the new Five Knives video for "The Future," directed by Lance Drake. We open on an industrialized school in Japan where the classes… Read More

British producer Naughty Boy's debut record, Hotel Cabana, is a concept album based on a luxury hotel where musicians come to perform. The latest video from the album, "Think About It" directed by Lance Drake, features rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer/songwriter Ella Eyre as said musicians. Based in the hotel itself, the… Read More

Sometimes a video is so weird, that it begins to make perfect sense. That is what happens with “Aunt Betty” by Middle Class Rut, directed by Lance Drake – a video that is so out there from start to finish that when it’s over you just think, “That is exactly… Read More

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