The Top 10 Music Video GIFs of All Time

Posted by Doug Klinger on June 27, 2012 in Lists

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Animated GIFs are great! We all love them, this is well documented... And music video related animated GIFs might literally be the greatest thing in the world! This is also well documented. But, with all of the One Direction and Justin Beiber animated GIFs out there on the webs, finding the BEST music video GIFs can sometimes be a daunting task. Well, fear not, because I am here to help. Below you will find a list of what I consider to be the top 10 Music Video GIFs of all time (that I could think of when I wrote this). 

10. MIA Dangerously Files Her Nails

The Romain Gavras directed music video for "Bad Girls" not only shows off M.I.A.'s ability to be a badass, it also shows the importance M.I.A. places on well kept nails. 

9. Sean Foreman Knocks a Boy Off a Slide
Sean Foreman GIF

Despite all of the cool things 3OH!3 and Isaac Ravishankara have done together, the "Holler Till You Pass Out" video will always be my favorite. 

8. Kina Grannis Warms Up Her Smile
Kina Gif

There are plenty of GIFs to choose from when looking for ones related to Kina Grannis, but I like this one because it also shows "In Your Arms" director Greg Jardin

7. Kid Cudi Smokes Weed
cudi gif

Director Jason Goldwatch and Kid Cudi get along very well and have common interests. Both facts are beautifully highlighted in the "cudderisback" music video. 

6. Grimes Makes Us Fall in Love With Her
grimes gif

I suck at dancing, but Grimes can dance really well. I am not that great of a director, but Emily Kai Bock is an amazing director. Also, if I didn't make it clear before, I love Grimes! 

5. The POV Always Dies

If I've learned anything from the Saman Keshavarz directed Cinnamon Chasers - "Luv Deluxe" music video is that if you're in a POV rig in a music video, things aren't going to end well for you.

4. Look Out For Green Arms
foster gif

While at the Vimeo Awards+Festival, DANIELS talked about trying to draw the viewer's attention away from imperfections in their effects with dust and flares. This GIF from the Foster the People "Houdini" video highlights what they were talking about. 

3. Where'd My Dick Go?
dick gif

Hiro Murai was lucky enough to do the VFX work on this shot from the Odd Future "Rella" music video. We're all super jealous.

2. These Eyes
lana del rey national anthem gif

This slightly altered GIF from Lana del Rey's "National Anthem" music video is the creepiest thing I've ever sat and watched for 6 straight hours. Directed by Anthony Mandler.

1. Obligatory Nicki Minaj Objectification
minaj Objectification

No top 10 list of GIFs is complete without showing Nicki Minaj slowly move her ass. You were all expecting it, so stop looking at me like I'm weird. 

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Doug Klinger is the co-founder/content director of IMVDb and watches more music videos than anyone on earth. You can find him on twitter at @doug_klinger.

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