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Eelier this week, when Hannah Lux Davis released her music video for “I’m Out” by Ciara and Nicki Minaj, we predicted that the GIF making members of the internet would enjoy the inspiration that this video provided. A few days later, and our theory was proven correct. So correct, in… Read More

Yesterday, we released an interview with director Amos LeBlanc about his video “Asphyxiation” by Autoerotique. We felt we needed to have more coverage on this video. We were stumped as to what to post, until we realized that this video included the top 10 music video gifs of all time.… Read More

Animated GIFs are great! We all love them, this is well documented... And music video related animated GIFs might literally be the greatest thing in the world! This is also well documented. But, with all of the One Direction and Justin Beiber animated GIFs out there on the webs, finding… Read More

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