Cool New Music Video: "Timebomb" by Tove Lo

Posted by Caleb Jackson on July 2, 2015 in Cool New Music Videos

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Director Emil Nava is back at it with the hyper emotional new video for Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo. Nava has been booked solid for the last few years, churning out progressively more videos every year since 2011 for some of the biggest artists, but still getting to experiment and maintain some diversity. He can work with found footage (Ed Sheeran’s "Photograph"), and even goes into Chris Cunningham-level experimentation with Calvin Harris’ "Slow Acid." He also worked with Lo on Alesso’s "Heroes (We Could Be)," so it would make sense that they team up for one of their own.

"Timebomb" is a great track to pair with a video because of the explosive song structure. The shaky camera and chaotic dance moves match the song’s intensity, and makes for a cohesive style overall. This video is all about literal translation. It’s not trying to tell a story to entertain apart from the song, this video is trying to express the lyrics and tone as literally as possible. Because the feel of the song is so raw and vulnerable, it makes more sense than average for Lo to do some emotional nude shots toward the end, and to show physical disputes and affections of the couples dealing with their issues.

The ultra wide aspect ratio and fact that they shot only on the beach made it easy to become familiar with the setting, and the content also never jumped out of the set style or color palette. The style centered on a washed out white look, and didn’t jump into sunset until the end. Because the experience is supposed to rise and fall, it only makes sense that the calming of the storm, as it were, would come towards the end, and the time of day dictates that perfectly, as if to say “maybe we are the best thing ever." Overall, great use of space and narrative, and an absolutely enrapturing performance from Tove Lo - this track exposes a side of her that is still radio friendly, but a little deeper and more engaging than "Habits (Stay High)."

Caleb Jackson is a Tucson native, Los Angeles based writer and director who spends his time pretending he lives in any decade besides this one. He tends to enjoy music videos with a little bit of narrative and a lot of bright colorful lights.

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