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Yesterday, Capital Cities and director Carlos Lopez Estrada released Kangaroo Short, the short film version of their music video “Kangaroo Court,” which was one of our favorites of last year. About two times the length of the music video, Kangaroo Short does not include any Capital Cities music, but instead… Read More

Coming off their massively successful song and video for "Safe And Sound," Capital Cities turned to Carlos Lopez Estrada to co-direct their newest video for the song "Kangaroo Court." The band came up with the idea of a nerdy Zebra trying to get into a club that doesn’t allow his… Read More

In "Kangaroo Court" by Capital Cities, a nerdy zebra takes some serious measures to get into an exclusive club that doesn’t allow his species. Co-directed by the band and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the video has a pretty massive cast of people dressed as animals (including Darren Criss of Glee), some… Read More

In the video for “Cindy + Me” by Caged Animals, director by Carlos Lopez Estrada brings us to a world where a group of baboon scientists run a series of tests on Caged Animals singer Vincent Cacchione - creating likely the only type of animal testing that PETA would be… Read More

Last week while in LA for the Los Angeles Music Video Festival, we had the opportunity to drop by the set of “Cindy & Me” by Caged Animals, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and shot by Niko Weisnet. We were only there for part of the day, but we can… Read More

The first time we talked to Carlos Lopez Estrada, he told us that “Me Voy” by Jesse and Joy was shot in his roommate David’s bedroom. The last time we talked to him, he discussed getting Isaac Ravishankara to come with him to Mexico, basically without any food, to star in… Read More

Our views on cinema seems to be changing, the once popular “shoot-em-up” style film seems a lot less entertaining after the recent events involving gun violence. With that said, there are still ways to find beauty within dark subject matter, like in the Carlos Lopez Estrada directed music video for… Read More

Last week, we talked about reaching a database related milestone when we crossed 9,000 videos listed on our site. Today, we celebrate a content related milestone as we welcome Carlos Lopez Estrada to our Video Chats series, our first Grammy Award winner for a music video related category. His stop-motion… Read More

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