Video Chats: Sophia Peer on "Ain't It Fun" by Paramore

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 7, 2014 in Interviews

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Sophia Peer

Setting the world record for most world records set in a music video, “Ain't It Fun” by Paramore is a lighthearted and energetic video directed by Sophia Peer. The band ends up setting a total of 10 records in the video, but these aren’t your dad’s world records. With the help of the website, the records the band members set in the video are not only awesome, they’re challengeable! Anyone who thinks they can beat one of Paramore’s records can film themselves doing it and then upload it to Record Setter where it can live on forever. We talked to Sophia about the video, teaming up with Record Setter, and whether or not she has attempted to beat any of the records from the video.

Doug: Where did the original concept of setting records in a music video come from?

Sophia: What I took away from the song's lyrics was the message that you had to push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, and I wanted the video's concept to reflect that somehow. I had several brainstorming conversations with Winston Case, who edited the video, when I was writing treatments for "Ain't It Fun," and he put the world record idea in my head. Also, an artist and friend of mine, Alexandra Young, had told me about how she was working on an ongoing project where she set world records, so I knew there was a way. Both of them played a big part in the genesis of the concept.

Doug: Did you and the band come up with the record ideas together?

Sophia: There was some back and forth on what world record ideas would work for the band. I think at some point there were 30 records on the list I sent over for feedback. A lot of them were nixed just because of practical reasons, and with 1 day to shoot, we scaled back. The band got into the concept, and thought of the world record for most vinyl records broken. The rest came from studying previous world records and thinking about what would look/work best with different sections of the song.

Doug: How did you guys end up teaming up with for the fan involvement aspect of the video?

Sophia: Record Setter is much more inclusive than Guinness, therefore cooler. The site's whole deal is that everyone's good at something. Record Setter's creator and CEO, Dan Rollman, is an inspired individual who has dedicated himself to helping people legitimize their talents and specialties. It is definitely the right place for Paramore fans to play along.

Doug: Have you personally tried to break any of these records?

Sophia: I have not attempted to personally set any world records. Since making this video though, I've thought of what records I could set. The short and perhaps boring answer is that they would all involve me using my strongest skill - parallel parking.

Sophia Peer

A creepy note, inspired by the song lyrics, that DP Pat Scola left under Sophia's door at a motel

Doug: I read that there was another video for this song that ended up not working out - something like that can be pretty stressful on a band. Then, when I watch this video, it feels like the opposite of stressful. Were you aware of the first attempt at the video? Was making something fun a goal going into the project?

Sophia: I heard about a previous “Ain’t It Fun” video and that is an unfortunate thing that happens, for both the director and the artist. It has happened to me before and it can burn. That being said, if the band had a bad experience in the past, it didn’t transfer over to this video. Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor are totally professional and easy to work with, so maybe they’re just good at things, including staying cool. They’re really great on camera. In fact, I’ve been thinking about how great it would be to work with Hayley again in the future, and how I could somehow convince her to star in a film project of mine. She’s magic.

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