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If you have a passion for figure skating but no ice to try it out on, we've got good news. Artistic roller skating is a real sport that takes all of the glam and intensity of ice figure skating and transfers it to roller skates. If you're thinking that artistic… Read More

Director Thom Glunt combines elements of noir and science fiction in the fantastic music video for “The Mystery” by BADBOXES. Centering around a robot with a giant helmet-like head, computerized face, and awesome motorcycle, “The Mystery” is a dark and eerie story that would make Orson Welles and Russell Metty… Read More

“All I Want” by Kubalove, the directorial debut from production designer Susie Francis, manages to be one of the sexiest videos of the year without feeling forced or being too explicit. Despite being her first time directing a video, Susie’s background in the industry is evident in “All I Want,”… Read More

The music video for Canadian folk act Timber Timbre’s “Hot Dreams” is a beautiful, honest, and mesmerising one. It takes place in a strip club and explores the more artistic side of exotic dancing. Directed by Scott Cudmore and Michael Leblanc, the video manages to find beauty and class in… Read More

Everybody loves a big, flashy, traditional hip-hop video. Literally, everybody. But when you really think about it, sometimes it’s more fun to watch a dark, twisted, unexpected hip-hop video, like “Ashley” by Big Sean. Directed by Ellis Bahl, “Ashley” features two sex-crazed kidnappers who abduct Big Sean and bring him… Read More

After a three year hiatus, Michel Gondry entered back into the music video world yesterday with “Love Letters” by Metronomy. The single-shot video features several hand-painted set pieces surrounding the band as they perform the track. As the camera moves around them, it reveals additional layers to each scene though… Read More

“Coming Of Age” by Foster The People is a pretty massive video. Directed by BRTHR (Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman) and shot by Shawn Kim on 16mm, the multi-day shoot required 200 video auditions and 50 in-person auditions to assemble a cast that features male underwear models, band member relatives,… Read More

Yesterday, Capital Cities and director Carlos Lopez Estrada released Kangaroo Short, the short film version of their music video “Kangaroo Court,” which was one of our favorites of last year. About two times the length of the music video, Kangaroo Short does not include any Capital Cities music, but instead… Read More

Setting the world record for most world records set in a music video, “Ain't It Fun” by Paramore is a lighthearted and energetic video directed by Sophia Peer. The band ends up setting a total of 10 records in the video, but these aren’t your dad’s world records. With the… Read More

Photo by Oresti Tsonopoulos Shooting on 16mm film is not exactly common in the world of music videos, but for “Lullabye” by Alexandra Stewart, shooting on film was crucial to the aesthetic that director Kristina Carucci had in mind. The simple and beautiful video features Stewart on a beach in Montauk, Long Island,… Read More

In the age of downloading iTunes singles, where albums are frequently broken up into Spotify playlists and Pandora stations, listening to music in the order the artist intended it to play on an album still has its place. This is especially true for director Isaac Ravishankara, who while was listening… Read More

To date, seven of 21 year old singer/fashion icon Sky Ferreira’s music videos have been directed by Grant Singer, whose dark stylistic visuals have served exceedingly well at capturing Sky’s essence and the spirit of her infectious tracks. The most recent collaborations for “You’re Not The One" and “Night Time,… Read More

Dark and sexy, the video for "Desire" by Meg Myers is a twisted take on a romantic relationship that goes to some pretty ghostly and unexpected places while managing to avoid campiness. It's full of unnerving images, eerie effects, and a fantastic performance from Meg that is equal parts innocent,… Read More

Leading up to the release of his album Because the Internet, Childish Gambino shared three different Hiro Murai-directed video projects: a 25-minute short film called Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, an album trailer called “yaphet kotto,” and a music video for the song “3005.” As someone who has spent time… Read More

Directed by Kinga Burza, “Goodness Gracious” by Ellie Goulding is an energetic video featuring Ellie and some friends running, dancing, and skateboarding around a neon, almost futuristic version of LA. It features some really extreme color effects from Kinga and colorist Duncan Russell that almost made them lose their mind.… Read More

“So Strange” by Superhumanoids (one of our favorite videos of 2013) is a beautiful, poignant, and unexpected video directed by Taylor Cohen and David Altobelli. Written over a night of beers in Silverlake, “So Strange” manages to introduce characters and a situation, and allows both to grow into places that… Read More

So far, Cameron Duddy has directed two music videos for Grouplove (with a third on the way!): "Ways To Go" and last month’s "Shark Attack." Both videos are built around hilarious concepts and feature the band preforming in some unorthodox locations, with “Shark Attack” finding them in Mexico and Uganda… Read More

After a 2013 promotion blitz that saw, among other things, an interactive video and a 30 minute post-SNL music film, it seemed only fitting that Arcade Fire's last video release of the year would be a beautiful narrative and concept piece, directed by Montreal-based Emily Kai Bock. Inspired by a… Read More

In “Over It,” the new video from The Crystal Method ft. Dia Frampton, Dia finds herself as the only modestly dressed contestant on a cooking show where looks and eye fucking are rewarded higher than cooking skills. Directed by Zak Stoltz, the video features cameo parts from the Crystal Method… Read More

According to Lorde’s Facebook page, the concept for “Team” came from a dream she had "a few months ago about teenagers in their own world.” Set in an abandoned granary, director Young Replicant took influence from both Lorde’s lyrics and the concept that originated in her dream to create a visually… Read More

"Dead Eye" by Middle Class Rut, the band’s fourth video collaboration with director Lance Drake, focuses on the members of the band traveling across the south of Alaska on foot, by ship, and in the back of a pickup truck. The video features some fantastic shots of Alaska, some which… Read More

Alex Amoling’s narrative video for "I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things" by Hammock centers around a struggling blue-collar family on Staten Island. Casting a real family to appear in the video, Alex is able to find a chemistry within the characters that feels really natural… Read More

Photo by Colin Shane What do you get when you combine flying meat, a woman with a flower head, competitive hotdog eating, some epic hair tossing, and a bunch of goop made of milk, cream, yogurt, and food coloring? You get Ben Fee’s amazing new video for "Rawks" by K.Flay, of… Read More

Last month, director Lance Drake and Five Knives introduced us to the most badass kid of all time through their music video for "The Future." The 4'11" ass-kicker goes by the name of Dallas Liu and is described by stunt coordinator Mindy Kelly as the future of "tricking," a extreme form of… Read More

Not many music videos will make your hand and jacket glow in the dark while going through a TSA checkpoint, unless your music video centers around people blacklight-lit twerking in florescent paint, in which case it’s actually pretty likely. Awkward airport experiences aside, director Ryan Staake’s concept for "Sweat" by… Read More

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