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NORTON's Top 10 Music Videos of 2013

Posted by NORTON on December 9, 2013 in Lists

Editor's Note: For our end of the year wrap up, we asked a few music video directors, directors of photography, and fans to compile their own top 10 lists. This list was compiled by music video director NORTON. This year was my official debut year in the music video world and… Read More

Getting evicted from your apartment from your apartment is no fun. That is, unless you’re the members of the band St. Lucia in the video for "Elevate," in which case getting kicked out of your apartment just means one last chance to throw a super awesome rooftop party/concert. Directed by… Read More

Combining VFX and puppeteering in the video for "Young Rut" by PAPA, director NORTON gives life to a pair of pants and a shirt who fall in love with each other. Drawing inspiration from Disney films, as well as from the work of animator Kirsten Lepore, NORTON gives enough character and… Read More

Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, "Elevate" by St. Lucia follows the band as they’re evicted from their apartment and decide to throw one final party/rooftop concert before they have to leave. NORTON, who directed the video, is currently an LA based director, but spent most of the last decade living in… Read More

You might not think a music video about pants and a shirt would be very interesting, but director NORTON and the band PAPA are about to change your opinion with the music video for "Young Rut." In this video, a pair of jeans and a yellow button down shirt fall… Read More

Director NORTON knows a thing or two about dancing. His video "Killer Shoes" (an unofficial video for "Devotion" by Kap Bambino) features a pair of low top converse dancing aggressively throughout the city. For his latest video, “Dancing Out” by French Horn Rebellion, he hangs onto the dancing, but trades… Read More

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