This Week in Music Videos, November 12-16 2012

Posted by Adam Fairholm on November 17, 2012 in This Week in Music Videos

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This week, was, thankfully, a quiet week for world events/disasters, unless you enjoy the sexual exploits of American military leaders. However, this was a great week for music video releases. Let's do it!

Emily Kai Bock and Evan Prosofsky Captured Miami's "je ne sais quoi"

Director Emily Kai Bock and DP Evan Prosofsky have made some wonderful videos together in 2012, and on Thursday we got to add one more to the pile: "Nightlife" by Sébastien Schuller. "Nightlife" is a series of scenes in Miami, Florida, a place where yours truly has spent some time, as both Doug and I grew up in South Florida. Okay, we grew up in Coral Springs/Parkland but we've been to Miami, okay? So we know what's up. Evan Prosofsky's camera seems to capture all the right little pieces that make Miami an other-worldy place. Everything from Miami's odd architecture and colorful lights to the Miami Metromover is under the lens. We're calling it now: best music video about Miami since this one.

Andrew Thomas Huang Brought Some SOLIPSIST Magic to Björk

About eight months ago director Andrew Thomas Huang released a short film called SOLIPSIST featuring some stunning visual effects. On Tuesday, he released a video for Björk's song "Mutual Core" which takes the same basic style and brings it to another level. Any time your music video gets a full write up on the Scientific American Blog, you know you're doing something right. The behind the scenes video is highly recommended for this one.

DJ Rhiannon Made Us Feel Like When We Used to Climb The Rope In Gym Class

Since we're celebrating some artistic achievements this week, how about we throw in a sexy video just for good measure? Agreed? Alright. The honor of the week for that category goes to DJ Rhiannon's nearly incomprehensible video for her song "Nasty Bitch", directed by Falcon. If you enjoy the shocker in a non-joke context, old women in curlers, and phallic puppets in leather chaps, this one is for you. If not, this video is still available any time you want to see it.

James Franco Took Us to L.A.

On Monday, if you said to yourself "I bet James Franco is going to release a video for a song from a band that broke up in 2011 featuring Lindsay Lohan" than award yourself 2 points. Franco directed the video for R.E.M.'s "Blue" and dropped it on Thursday. This is significant because the video is a Los Angeles, and it came out the same day as the aforementioned "Nightlife" video. This means cities are in!


So many great videos this week. Here are some more:

And IMVDb didn't have a bad week either:

That's it! Have a great week and enjoy the garage sales!

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Adam Fairholm is the co-founder and lead developer of IMVDb. You can find him on twitter at @adamfairholm.

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