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Posted by Adam Fairholm on December 1, 2012 in This Week in Music Videos

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Well, it's the last day in November, you know what that means. Mustaches and/or Thanksgiving leftovers jokes galore, and lots of great music videos. It's time for another installment of our weekly wrap up here, so let's take an uncomfortably close look at the music videos of this week.

Ben Mor Made a Great Video

You heard me. Aside from some gems here and there, we find Mr. and Ms. Spears to be hit and miss when it comes to music videos, so we were pretty surprised when Ben Mor dropped "Scream & Shout" on us Tuesday. What makes it work for us is the zero fucks given attitude of the whole song and video. Britney Spears singing with an English accent? Sure.'s head mounted on the wall. Why not? A net gun or flaming disco balls? Why not both? By the end of the video you'll get up and say "why yes, I do believe head bands are back", and you'll believe it too.

Side note: -2 points for Britney doing the "it's Britney bitch" thing but that's not the video's fault.

Brooke Candy Came Back!

Hooray! Everyone's favorite shiny armored, uh, person - kind of at a loss of descriptors here - came back to us on Wednesday in music video form in "Cloud Aura" for Charli XCX. Found footage of Honey Boo Boo? We're not picky, just give us Brooke Candy doing something by herself in front of the police and we're good.

Don't ever leave us again, Brooke. Can we call you Brooke?

Elijah Wood Went Armless

You know what album is producing mighty fine music video work? Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes (plug for our beta albums feature). On Wednesday, the video for "Tiny Tortures" was released, and it stars none other than Mr. Elijah Wood. The video itself is nothing short of visually stunning and makes a great pair with the Flying Lotus track. Director David Lewandowski had a sizable art and visual effects crew that pulled it off - check out the full credits here. Flying Lotus is really running the gamut for music videos though. We get great animation, great drama/visual effects (see below), and an Eric Wareheim video music video classic. Can't ask much more than that.

Helicopters Searched for 50 Cent and Friends

Adam Levine knows when to get involved when it comes to hip hop crossover projects, and this week he went all in with "My Life" by 50 Cent, featuring Levine and Eminem. Another good choice, Adam. You gotta admit, all three look really damn cool in this video. Especially Eminem, who is at times rapping with a helicopter following him around, hovering just above the ground. Levine looks a little less comfortable than Eminem in the helicopter mark role, but he's probably so used to sitting in a chair that spins around when he needs it that he's a little rusty on walking/moving.

The Generally Assembly Gave Us a Friday Gift

We can only imagine how the pitch for "I'm Not Talking" by A.C. Newman. "You are going to play guitar, and a man in a white suit, turtle neck, and mustache, is going to sit 2 feet away from you and stare." This puppy came to us on Friday and made our week. Just sit down and take it in. Take it in.

Tegan and Sara Threw a Sweet Party

Streamers, a trampoline, and balloons? Isaac Rentz thought of everything for the Tegan and Sara "Closer" video. 80's electronics and a general 80's feeling pervades, but what makes this video worth a few watches is the cast of people Rentz and the crew has put together. They're just fun to watch, and where else would you want to watch people have fun more than at a fun party with streamers? No where.


So many more great videos this week. Did you know you can browse videos by release date? Start with Monday of this week and work your way through - you won't regret it.

Adam Fairholm is the co-founder and lead developer of IMVDb. You can find him on twitter at @adamfairholm.

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