This Week In Music Videos: October 29 - November 2, 2012

Posted by Adam Fairholm on November 3, 2012 in This Week in Music Videos

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Welcome to our new weekly feature, This Week In Music Videos, where your super good friends at IMVDb take you through some of the highlights of a week in music videos every Friday afternoon. We're going to be best friends!

This week is quite a week to start this since we had Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy essentially knock out the northeast US on Monday evening. Although we haven’t heard of any specific videos being delayed, it’s a safe bet that the ongoing transportation, power, and general logistical problems haven’t helped anyone making music videos in that area. IMVDb is all about those Red Cross donations, but if you want to pull a Mitt Romney and send your spare canned food, at least go big.

Let's get to it:

Snoop Lion - "La La La". Directed by Eli Roth

Remember back in July when Snoop Dogg told everyone that he was changing his name to Snoop Lion and was going all in with the Rastafarianism? If you're like us, you made a mental note that sometime soon we were going to be watching Snoop's new bag in music video form, and it would probably be amazing.

This week that note came to fruition, and we were not disappointed. On Thursday, Snoop Lion dropped the video for "La La La", directed by noted film director Eli "Blowtorch to the Face" Roth. There is literally nothing about this video that is not batshit insane. The baked pineapple/all fruit band that vaguely reminds us of the California Raisins, the cartoon characters, the visual rebirth of Snoop Dogg as Snoop Lion, the children. His funny/endearing interaction with the kids in the video at the beginning sets the tone perfectly. If this is what Snoop Lion delivers in the music video department, we'll gladly come along for the ride.

Das Racist - "Girl". Directed by Aristotle Athiras

Released on Monday, "Girl" by Das Racist is one of those rare genuinely funny music videos that the world welcomes with open arms. It was made in a way that we'd like to see more of: Das Racist basically handed over the keys to the video to the comedy quartet Goatface, so both director Aristotle Athiras and dancer/lead Fahim Anwar are members of that four-man group (they are the four standing talking at the beginning of the video). The result is hilarious, and keeps the premise interesting throughout the video.

Bonus: To see some more of Goatface's work, I recommend this short.

Girls' Generation - Flower Power

Have you heard of Girls' Generation? Everyone in Asia has. Now that KPop is out of the bag courtesy of our friend Psy, you're going to have to listen to us talk about Korean Pop groups like the nine (wow) member Girls' Generation. Their second Japanese album, entitled Girls' Generation II ~Girls & Peace~ is coming out on November 26th, and "Flower Power", which came out on Wednesday, is the first music video from the album.

Sky Ferreira - "Sad Dream". Directed by Grant Singer

If you are falling in love with Sky Ferreira this week, it's Grant Singer's fault. His video for her ballad "Sad Dream" came out on Tuesday, and features director Mark Polish alongside Ferreira in the beautiful American west. Singer not only directed Ferreira's previous video, "Everything is Embarrassing", but he also directed the third video off of Ghost EP, "Lost In My Bedroom", which will be released in a few weeks.

Bonus: Doug just interviewed Singer about both Sky Ferreira videos (and the upcoming third) on this very blog. You can read it here.

Leo Justi - O Homem Mau (Sniper Queen). Directed by Julio Secchin

It's been a great year for DJ/producer videos (see: Hiro Murai's video for David Guetta's "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)"). Leo Justi's "Super Queen", directed by Julio Secchin, is another entry on the list - a fantastically stylized thriller about a vigilante sniper in Rio de Janeiro. What makes this video for us are the little elements of humor, like the quick flash of the vigilante playing Duck Hunt on NES, and our lead characters fixation with grilling a nice steak.

Make sure you read Julio Secchin's director statement he sent to Noisey as well. Here's a excerpt:

This is a strong black man dressed in a queer-heroic fashion with no apparent match for his power around. Even though it sounds like a black exploitation kind of music-video, it isn't. As weird as it sounds, this can be the only kind of super-hero that actually fits Rio de Janeiro.

More From This Week

Definitely check out these other videos that graced us with their presence this week:

Have a great weekend! Don't do anything stupid!

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Adam Fairholm is the co-founder and lead developer of IMVDb. You can find him on twitter at @adamfairholm.

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