This Week In Music Videos: November 5-9 2012

Posted by Adam Fairholm on November 10, 2012 in This Week in Music Videos

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In the small amount of time "This Week In Music Videos" has been around, we've had weeks of large happenings in the non-music video world. This week, the USA elected Barack Obama to a second term, meaning that Paul Ryan Girl's efforts were sadly wasted. Oh well! Let's see what we've got.

UK MVAs Got Down in London

The 2012 UK Music Video Awards took place on Thursday night in London. Aside from the apparently free booze, the UK MVAs gave out awards for categories like Best Pop Music Video (Romain Gavras' video for M.I.A. "Bad Girls") to Best Styling (Hannah Edwards for M.I.A. "Bad Girls") to Best Telecine (James Tillett for Temper Trap "Trembling Hands"). It's a fantastic event for music video creators and fans, and IMVDb hopes to be there next year. Podcast guest AG Rojas won Best New Director! Promo News has a full rundown here as well as the winners.

Just all agree on "Bad Girls" being the undisputed music video champion of 2012?

Ke$ha Endeared Herself to Christians Everywhere

If you had neon pentagrams on your short list of the directions that Ke$ha was going to go in for her visual, give yourself a point! "Die Young" came out on Thursday and was directed by Darren Craig.

Kid Cudi Made His Directorial Debut

Kid Cudi released his self-directed video for "Just What I Am" ft. King Chip on Tuesday, and it is of course chock full of Illuminati symbols because Kid Cudi is an illuminati member. Glad we're on the same page! I hope you like your videos in a gold frame.

Mumford and Sons Got Idris Elba To Do Their Video

Mumford and Sons apparently aren't 100% cool with the music video idea:

We've been fortunate to work with some great directors in the past, but we've always been uncomfortable with the process of making music videos. Talking to Idris and Dan about making a video that we're not in made it a lot more fun to think about.


So when the opportunity to have Idris Elba of The Wire do the heavily lifting presented itself, they went for it. Good call, because Idris and directing/writing partner Dan Cadan hit it out of the park in terms of acting and cinematography.

LAMAR+NIK Went Cardboard on Us

We don't want to know how long it took LAMAR+NIK to create the many, many cardboard words that they used for their Lushlife "Magnolia" video that came out on Monday, but we do know we don't have that kind of patience. If we were making the video, the guy with the yellow pants would've been walking around with "O" on his head the entire time because after a lot of discussion we at IMVDb agree O is probably the easiest letter to make in 3D cardboard. Thankfully we have much more patient directors at the helm of this awesome video.

That's the week! Have a great weekend, and don't forget to vote four years from now!

Adam Fairholm is the co-founder and lead developer of IMVDb. You can find him on twitter at @adamfairholm.

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