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Most people already know that if you want to have a good time, an easy way to do that is to throw on some Chromeo and get funky. But did you also know that getting funky with Chromeo music videos is also super fun? Maybe even more fun that just… Read More

Directed by Cameron Duddy and Harper Smith, the video for “Hold On” by Colbie Caillat feels almost like a music video version of a ballet. It builds slowly, opening with Colbie laying and walking on sparkling sand, with a cosmic backdrop projected behind her, surrounded by dancers. As the chorus… Read More

The video for “Dare You” by Hardwell featuring Matthew Koma tells the story of a bunch of young people in a big city being brought together by music - specifically the dance music provided by Hardwell. Directed by Alex Herron, the video opens on people by themselves doing everyday things… Read More

The video for “Hey Brother” by Avicii, directed by Jesse S, is a story about two brothers during the Vietnam War era in the US. The older of the two brothers, played by Zach Voss, appears to be just old enough to be called to fight in the war, and… Read More

In the hilarious new video for "Shark Attack" by Grouplove, actor John Hawkes plays Steven The Magnificant, a disheveled magician whose main trick involves making the band appear and disappear – or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen. Instead, something in the trick goes haywire, and rather than making… Read More

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