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You guys want to know the definition of not giving a fuck? Not giving a fuck is violently kidnapping rapper Big Sean by first trying to rub chloroform on his face, failing, and then straight up just bashing him on the head with a thing to knock him out. You… Read More

In the video for “Stick To” by Ace Reporter, directors Peter and Annie aim to personify the natural attraction that moths have to a flame. The video begins by introducing its main characters: Moth Guy, a dust cover dude set in a dimly lit living room, and Flame Girl, a… Read More

Co-conceptualized by director Isaac Ravishankara and Poliça frontwoman Channy Leaneagh, “I Need $ / So Leave” is a video about starting over. We open on a stoic Channy as a maid in a less than fancy hotel, slowly moving from room to room, being very detailed in her work as… Read More

“Comme un elephant,” the latest single from French musician Saint André, is a song about a clumsy guy who, while feeling like a “bull in a china shop,” sings about his love for a beautiful woman. Directed by Roboshobo, the video finds Saint André in an office setting, filling the… Read More

Christina Perri fans will be able to pick up right away what is missing in the beginning of her new music video for "Human", directed by Elliott Sellers. Sitting on a white pedestal in a white room, Perri's signature tatoos are nowhere to be found as light flashes in and… Read More

In “Cyrstaillized” by Young The Giant, director Elliott Sellers puts an intergalactic twist on the performance video by setting the band in a meteor flaying across space. By racking focus and projecting shapes and colors onto the band while they perform, Elliott is able to mimic the look of the band riding inside… Read More

If the video projects leading up to the release of Childish Gambino’s new LP Because the Internet are any indication of what the tone of the album will be, we can expect a dark, introspective hip hop album that comes from the perspective of an artist with a completely unique… Read More

Middle Class Rut and director Lance Drake - the team behind "Aunt Betty," one of the best and most twisted music videos of the year – is back again with "Dead Eye," a docu-narrative video shot in Alaska that is basically the opposite of "Aunt Betty." The video, which features… Read More

Have you ever wanted to meet the most badass kid of all time? Well, then you’re in luck, because I’m pretty sure we found him starring in the new Five Knives video for "The Future," directed by Lance Drake. We open on an industrialized school in Japan where the classes… Read More

As the number of pure performance videos continues to fall, it’s always a treat when a really great one, like "Modern Jesus" by Portugal. The Man, comes across our radar. Directed by Elliott Sellers, the video was shot on October 28, 2013, using the live audio track from the performance,… Read More

"Rescue" by Yuna is an empowering song about a woman overcoming a difficult situation on her own, without needing any outside help. The video, directed by Elliott Sellers, follows Yuna as she performs in beautiful outdoor locations, some with more natural surroundings and others in much more developed areas. Yuna… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. "Promises" by Cloud Control is a dark video about a beautiful woman whose not-so-beautiful husband seems to have just been murdered, and she appears to be significantly involved in the crime. Directed by Keith Musil, the video opens on the woman looking distressed after waking… Read More

Shot over a week with no actors, "Cruel City" by Augustines offers an intimate and unique look at London, the band’s favorite city and drummer Rob Allen’s hometown. The off the cuff video, directed by Bryan Schlam, focuses on a middle-aged taxi driver with thinning white hair and an infectious… Read More

In "This Is What It Feels Like," we find BANKS seductively performing in a house as a storm brews outside. As the storm moves past the windows, the lighting in each room shifts and shadows from the raindrops move along the walls. BANKS, as always, is almost impossibly beautiful in… Read More

Daniel "Cloud" Campos, or simply Cloud, starting dancing way before he started directing, which is why it’s no surprise that in addition to directing "Stay The Night" by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams, he also stars in it along side of dancer Jessica Lee Keller. Cut between performance shots of Zedd… Read More

Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, "Elevate" by St. Lucia follows the band as they’re evicted from their apartment and decide to throw one final party/rooftop concert before they have to leave. NORTON, who directed the video, is currently an LA based director, but spent most of the last decade living in… Read More

In "Kangaroo Court" by Capital Cities, a nerdy zebra takes some serious measures to get into an exclusive club that doesn’t allow his species. Co-directed by the band and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the video has a pretty massive cast of people dressed as animals (including Darren Criss of Glee), some… Read More

"Let It Rain" by Eliza Doolittle is a performance based video which features beautiful shots and some really effective VFX. The Elliott Sellers directed video begins inside a dimly lit house, but the walls soon are ripped away and Eliza is found in the middle of the desert, looking gorgeous… Read More

Phil Mucci continues to have the dark yet colorful metal music video game on lock. "Zenith" by Huntress is a hardcore trip into outer space and features vocalist Jill Janus as both a cosmic nun and as a sexy cosmic demon. The video, like the track, does not slow down… Read More

You might not think a music video about pants and a shirt would be very interesting, but director NORTON and the band PAPA are about to change your opinion with the music video for "Young Rut." In this video, a pair of jeans and a yellow button down shirt fall… Read More

Warning: if you are afraid of doctors of have a fear of drowning, you may want to sit this one out. The new video for "This Is Gospel" by Panic! at the Disco plays out like a nightmare as Brendon Urie is held down against his will by a team… Read More

If you are a group of girls trying to levitate one of your friends at a birthday sleepover and you actually succeed, there is the question of what to actually do next. In the case of "The False Alarms" by LA electronic band Fol Cehn, the post levitation doesn't go… Read More

Stealing a mysterious bag from a giant house - after likely killing a few people - is just the beginning of the story for the two ladies in "Alarm" by Wise Blood, directed by Keith Musil. We never do find out what was inside the mysterious leopard print bag, but whatever is… Read More

Yesterday, there are lots of Keith Urban fans that were upset at Good Morning America. They were upset because Keith’s new video for "Little Bit Of Everything," directed by Isaac Ravishankara, was supposed to premiere during the broadcast, but was bumped for royal baby coverage. Lucky for Keith Urban fans,… Read More

Recent Doomsday signee Elliott Sellers has been one of the most consistent directors of 2013. His use of effects always help to establish a distinct tone or narrative in his videos, and are rarely used to simply look cool. His latest video, "Tiger" by MYPET is a great example of… Read More

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